Sagittarius HoroscopeSagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 22

There is a constellation that rises as the festive season really gets underway. Sagittarius is a beautiful sign that is symbolized by that great mythical beast, the Centaur. It seems only correct that there should be a sign in the Zodiac that is reserved for the hunter, a profession and craft that was so essential to ancient civilizations and peoples.

The constellation itself appears when the holiday season is in full swing. The distinctive shape of the ‘bow’ that the centaur carries is one of the most defining qualities of this sign. There is little or no confusion about the position of the sign, as it blazes away with some very visible nebula. It is truly one of the more spectacular of the constellations that make up the Zodiac. Legend has it that it was originally placed in the sky by the Greek God Chiron, in order to aide Jason and the Argonauts as they quested to find the Golden Fleece.

There clearly was an admiration for the noble, adventurous spirit that was embodied in Sagittarius. It is for this reason that those born under the star were known for their adventurous and fearless nature. It’s often noted that Sagittarians tend to be those who are always dashing off into action. Sometimes there can be no stopping them. It’s for this reason that there has been a fostered understanding of them as real ‘doing’ people.

Sagittarius ConstellationCollective: We refer to those who are born under this sign as Sagittarians.

A Positive Aspect: There is a common theme of energy and a desire to travel amongst many Sagittarians. They are the people that get out into the world, and they manage to see and go to places much more so than others. This adventurous spirit is often recognised in the character of the Sagittarian. Their dislike of the drab and boring, and their rejection of the idea of routine makes them purely interesting people to be around. They have a special fire and magic about them that is, some would say, irresistible.

A Negative Aspect: It can often be hard to convince Sagittarians to hold their horses. Sometimes they can be guilty of diving into situations without the proper consideration. It would incorrect to say that there is a reckless streak amongst Sagittarians, but it is a quality that seems just below the surface with many. It is an almost exact flip-side of their best quality – their fearlessness. There are numerous cases of Sagittarians rushing in, when careful consideration would be advisable. Many temper this and become very balanced individuals, who have a great sense of action within them.

Famous Sagittarians:Mark Twain, Jane Fonda, Edith Piaf, Jay-Z, Jane Austen.

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