Zodiac SpellsAs summer turns slowly to fall, it is the sign of Virgo take takes prominence in the night sky above us. With the slow turn towards the colder part of the year, the stars become somewhat brighter in the night sky above us. That gives Virgo an extra special appeal, a pure constellation that appears as the nights grow that little bit longer.

Virgo of course refers to the image of the ‘Virgin’. The ancient Greek myth was that Persephone, daughter of Zeus, had been kidnapped and taken to the underworld by the shifty Hades. Her mother, Demeter, flew into a rage and threw the Earth’s climate out of sync, running the harvest. As the inhabitants of the world grew hungry – a deal was struck. Hades would keep Persephone for part of the year, while she would return to the land of the living for the rest of the year. Hence, the appearance of Virgo above us foretells her annual return to the land of the dead. This image of the fair Persephone in the sky would help console her mother, reminding her she will be back soon.

I think this is one of the most emotional of the Greek tales. It is a genuine tale of beauty and heartbreak that reaches deep into our hearts when we view the Virgo constellation rising above us.

People born under this sign are often are often some of the calmest and most collected people you know. If you know someone who will react in a measured fashion, no matter what you tell them, there’s the strong likelihood they are a Virgo. These people tend to be steady, and can get stuck in their ways somewhat. Nevertheless, they have character and real heart in them that should always be appreciated.

Virgo is an Earth sign. These are people who have a strong understanding of what it takes to make something happen in the world. Often they find themselves in positions of responsibility due to their superior organizational skills. Sometimes they bite off more than they can chew! It’s a balance that each Virgo has to be come to their own peace with.

Collective: We refer to those who are born under this sign as Virgos.

Virgo HoroscopeA Positive Aspect: You will almost always find Virgos to be friendly and easy to get along with. They have an ability to relate and communicate with others. Whether they decide to dig deep and use this ability is another question – but they have a knack for connection. This can mean they forge deep links with people and further their own positions, be it professionally, or in romance or friendship. You never have to worry about simply “getting along” with most Virgos, who have the simple “people person” touch that many people would dearly wish to have.

A Negative Aspect: Sometimes, a positive aspect can be a negative, given the context. As Virgos can be great at social situations, they can sometimes stumble when it comes to intimacy or relating to people on a very personal basis. Sometimes they can find it difficult to connect in a total honest and open way with people – being so used to being a social butterfly. It can be the case that it’s an ongoing lack of connection that builds up over time, or a simple awkwardness on this front.

Whatever the reason – Virgos can find it a little hard to get genuinely ‘close’ at times and often have to work hard when it comes to maintaining a relationship.

Famous Virgos: Beyonce Knowles, Tim Burton, Gene Kelly, Lyndon B Johnson, Stephen King.

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Eugenie LaCroix
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