Aries (March 21 - April 19)

This is one of the most easily recognizable of star signs. The Ram that symbolizes the Aries sign is an apt choice – as many people born under this sign are forward-thinking and energetic. They’re not afraid to put their point across, and they are possessed of a natural vitality.

This is a Fire sign. It makes sense that that Arians can be some of the most passionate people out there. They are often determined, and when they set their minds on something, they burn with a desire to complete it. Whatever their goals are, they will intensely follow them.

The constellation of Aries is located in the Northern Hemisphere. It has long been used as part of navigation, as sailors would use the steady location of the three bright stars within it to confirm their position and direction. This sign has long been associated with the Golden Fleece legend, and its character is partially informed by that great and heroic tale of Jason and the Argonauts. That seems more than fitting for a sign that suggests bravery and boldness among those born under it.

What’s interesting about the constellation itself is how much emphasis is placed on the horns of the Ram – with the bright start of Alpha Arietus symbolizing them. This zodiac sign is about power and purpose, things people born under it often possess. The ancient Egyptians associated Aries with the god Amon-Ra, a figure of great fertility and prosperity.

While many people who are born under Aries also possess a physical strength and healthiness, there seems to be a tendency to over-do things at times. An Arian is more likely to suffer a broken leg from straining too hard in a run or playing on a sports field. Similarly, they can be prone to over doing things academically, and obsessing about detail is an Aries speciality.

Collective:  As you can see from my use of the word above, we call people born under this sign Arians.

A Positive Aspect: People born under Aries are very much movers and shakers. They’re not afraid to get out there and get things done! This can be a real benefit, as possessing a strong work ethic and an ability to go and confront challenges will take you far in life. It’s something that some people dearly wish they had could possess as a characteristic. This means that in terms of business and employment, Arians often have a special weapon up their sleeves. However, as ever with these signs, it’s up to the individual person how they wish to employ this quality that can sometimes be buried deep inside them.

A Negative Aspect: Those born under this sign can sometimes find themselves in over their heads. It’s a case of biting off more than they can chew. Like the famous hero Jason must have felt on his long quest for the Golden Fleece, when your nature draws you to challenge yourself, your life tends to be less easy to live. Sometimes those who are of Aries find themselves wishing they didn’t have to get so wrapped up in what they attempt. This is simply a part of their nature.

Famous Arians: Leonardo Da Vinci, Betty Ford, Vincent Van Gogh, Aretha Franklin, Thomas Jefferson.

Is Aries your sign? Do you feel you need help understanding and getting the best of your horoscope? If so, I can help you.

Always watch the Stars,
Eugenie LaCroix
Astrological Expert & Master Witch


Gina M.

Date 3/22/2015

Are Arians, which I am one, often dreamers too? I find myself at alot of times dreaming of being someone else and wondering if I had a past life and if I was, who was it?


Date 3/23/2015

I am an Aries....GREAT article!!!! As always you nailed this one straight on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK-YOU!!!!!


Date 3/23/2015

I am an Aries. There are times when I just want to give up on all my dreams but then I think of everything I have accomplished so far and I try my hardest to keep the positive within and keep all the negative out my life. Great article made me have a much more positive mind.


Date 3/23/2015

Is it common for those who are born on the cusp of the signs to possess traits from both. I was born April 20 and often find myself having many traits from both signs.


Date 3/24/2015

I'm on the cusp if pices n aries, thou usually think of myself as aries, I don't feel as dynamic as is described, is tht b/c of being on the cusp?

Amy S

Date 3/31/2015

I was born March 21, cusp of Pisces in Aries. Overall I am full Arian. The description above, describes me perfectly. I strive for perfection in everything I do and see myself as a leader among my peers. I am not trying to make myself sound good. I have my flaws, like taking on more than I can handle at times. But I do finish what I start eventually. :)

Carol Ludlow

Date 2/12/2016

Carol Ludlow

Date 2/12/2016


Barbara Brunson

Date 5/31/2016


Barbara Brunson

Date 5/31/2016


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