A few years ago we had the pleasure of helping a Client achieve the career opportunity of a lifetime. This week she is back, needing help choosing the right Love Spell to bring her partner back home. Like most of our Clients, sometimes choosing the right Spell is the toughest part of beginning their journey to bring their desires to life. Like most, chances are that you browse, weigh options, then ask for help. Our most common questions revolve around Love and rekindling the special bond that once existed.

With her permission, you will find her situation below along with our advice in navigating the sea of Love Spells.

Dear 7Witches Coven,

I am not really sure where to even begin. I have been dating a man for quite some time (6 years) and things were great. Three weeks ago while I was at work he sent me a text stating that we need to talk but when I returned home that night his closet was empty and his things gone. I have been patiently waiting to have this conversation and have messaged him many times without a response. I REALLY don’t know where or what went wrong. How did I get here? How could he crush me like this? You have helped me in the past with a stressful work situation where I came out on top. Now I am asking for your help again, there are too many Love Spells to choose from. What is best for us? How can I get him to return home? Were we really just playing house this entire time? I do not want to choose the wrong Spell and it makes everything worse.


-- EverafterToPlayingHouse

When a treasured relationship falls apart it can lead to much confusion and angry despair. It is hard to believe that one you shared so much love with could just simply cut you off and leave you. However, in our Coven we believe there is always love even in the darkest places. It is clear to me that EverafterToPlayingHouse requires a Spell to call her lover back to her. However, she is right to feel unsure of which Spell to choose as we do have many Spells to call a Lost Lover back. During the consultation stage of our correspondence with EverafterToPlayingHouse we would normally probe to find out more about the unique aspects of her relationship. It is in this way that we would identify which Spell is best for her. However, from what she has already told us we can identify that she will need 1 of 3 specific Spells. Below, we would like to outline the differences between the Spells and in which situation each would be best.

1. Vampyre’s Return To My Arms Spell There is no creature known for the thirst of passion and temptation more than the mysterious Ancient Vampyre. Lynda Stratton is a rare practitioner as one of the few of her kind capable of channeling Ancient Vampyre Magick. If this Spell was selected, then Lynda would send energies to re-invigorate EverafterToPlayingHouse’s Lost Lover’s passionate thirst for her. The energies of the Vampyre Magick will course through his veins until he can think of her and only her. We normally suggest this Spell when the level of desire in a relationship is unbalanced, as this Spell is designed to level the passion so a lost lover will have motivation to return.

2. Vodou Come Back My Love Vodouism has a heavy emphasis on the choices made by individuals and the actions they take. Personal choice is at the heart of a greatly misunderstood Craft. As you all know, Jean-Baptiste Sylvestre is a Master of Vodou Magick. Therefore, his Spell would focus on challenging EverafterToPlayingHouse’s Lost Lover’s decisions and choices. Jean-Baptiste will send energies to force this man to think carefully on his actions and the repercussions he is facing, especially what he has lost by choosing to leave. We usually recommend this Spell to those who feel their relationship failed due to impulsive decisions and unreasonable arguments.

3. Ultimate Return My Love Spell High Priestess J. Roslyn Antle is the most practiced and skilled of us all. Her Spells are potent and all encompassing. Her Ultimate Return My Love Spell certainly lives up to her level of expertise. If this Spell is selected, the energies of will focus on clearing the divide between EverafterToPlayingHouse and her Lost Lover. The energies will blast away any type of obstacle that would come in between their relationship such as forced physical distance, adulterous affairs, toxic emotions or any other type of intrusion. We generally suggest this Spell if a relationship was pulled apart by unknown and mysterious ulterior factors. The High Priestess’s Magick is all encompassing and it can fix even the most ambiguous problems in a dynamic.

Every relationship is unique and the reasons for a split will be diverse and varied. It is important that we choose Spellwork that will help the individual problems faced by each relationship. Remember that no matter which Spell you choose, your Caster will seek to adjust the Ritual to your specific problems. The base ingredient of every Spell is the power of an individual pair of hearts.