Committing yourself to Magick and the Craft is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly, a great deal of studying is necessary, as well as a fierce willingness to work within you. CuriousAboutTheCraft, came to us looking for help to see if practicing the Craft is an option for her on her journey.

Dear 7 Witches,

I know you probably get this all the time but I have taken your advice and reached out to various covens to see if they are the right fit for me, ha, long story short. They weren’t!! So now I am questioning if this is the right phase to move to next or if I should leave my dream of becoming a practitioner behind? I believe in fate and the energies the universe carries and of course the power of magick but how do I know if I can actually become a practitioner? How did you know? How can I find out?



Casters, Practitioners and Witches alike live their lives per similar principles and codes. There are 13 Rules we choose to honor and live by daily:

1. Be in tune with yourself

2. Know your Craft

3. Meditation

4. Exercise your body

5. Nourish your body by eating a breathing well

6. Be open minded

7. Take your knowledge and implement it for the good

8. Find balance in your daily life

9. Keep your thoughts pure

10. Keep your words methodical

11. Appreciate the gift of Life

12. Align yourself with Earth’s life cycles

13. Pay homage to the God and Goddess

If you believe in the above rules but still are questioning if the Craft is for you, let us help you with the short quiz below to see if you are choosing the Craft for the right reasons. There are no right or wrong answers, this is simply an exercise to see if your mind body and soul are prepared to be submerged into the Craft or if you are destined for another path.

  1. You want to become a Practitioner…

    1. Because you need revenge on another

    2. Because you want to discover yourself

    3. Because everyone is doing it

    4. Because you are drawn to nature and want to become more in tune with her and yourself

  1. Practitioners are people who associate themselves with…

    1. The God and Goddess

    2. Likeminded beings

    3. Demons and the Devil

    4. Magickal Mystical creatures

  1. To practice the Craft, you must…

    1. Trust yourself

    2. Do blood sacrifices

    3. Join a Coven

    4. Face your true inner self without fear

  1. You believe witches are…

    1. Old women with pointy black hats

    2. Ones who predict the future

    3. Keepers and teachers of the Craft

    4. Those are the best versions of themselves and happy with all that revolves around them

  1. All Witches…

    1. Own a black cat

    2. Fly on a broomstick

    3. Abide by the power of positivity and the 13 Rules

    4. Knows the intent of Magick


  1. D: Much of the Craft is Earth-based therefore, it is about you and nature working together simultaneously to help others.

  1. A & B: Aligning with the God and Goddess coupled with being part of a group of similarly inspired individuals are the company of choice, when you surround yourself with the positive you will be able to send positive energy back out into the world.

  1. D, however, A is possible too: There are many solitary practitioners, therefore joining a Coven is not a prerequisite to practice and partaking in sacrifices goes against our moral code. To trust yourself, however, you must face your true inner self and take on your inner demons.

  1. D, however, all answers are acceptable: Each Practitioner has their own style and their ages range far and wide, meaning there is truth in all answers but the foundation of them all is knowing who you genuinely are and the happiness that comes from it.

  1. C: The only way to begin and succeed on your journey.

I hope this provides insight and that there is more to the Craft than Spellwork and passing the time; it is a way of life and for us, it is a commitment the 7Witches made in order to help humanity.


Henry R.

Date 3/12/2017

This is some good for thought. I was in a coven for 4 years, and really got to know the Gardenier path, and read many books on the subject. But I moved away and I really miss the coven. I went to a Celtic circle a while ago, but that didn't quite work out, so I'm still seeking a Gardenerian circle. Being a solidatary witch is sorta ok, but a coven is the best for me.

Diana G.

Date 3/13/2017

This clears up alot of questions in my head about this organization. I have always been fascinated by the craft wishing one day I could change lives like you do. Maybe someday?

Leslie B.

Date 3/14/2017

I have always felt drawn to the craft .and answered all the questions correctly.however where I am from most people are very closed minded and I have never been able to find anywhere or anyone to help guide me in this area .I have read books and done some studying on my own but find it much harder to learn all on my own ..I would love to be able to connect with other like minded people and meet others but have no idea where to find people from my area. I have found one coven but really dont find it a fit for me ...


Date 3/19/2017

I took the quiz and got every one of the answers right. but for myself i would like to know more about the feary wicca because i always go and learn about different religions because i want to get the basic facts and if someone i met and said that they are wiccan,i can understand what they are talking is always good to learn because judging is wrong to least i will have some knowlendge why the person chose wiccan or other religion and i will understand where they are coming from and i don't have to keep asking the why

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