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Quartz Lovelight Talisman

Quartz Lovelight Talisman
Love is Near...

For eons, countless people have poured their energies into the holiday of Valentine's Day which creates mystical powers of Magick that are based on the human enthusiasm that is released into the world in the name of beauty, love, and romance.

Though Valentine's is one day to bring forth true love, this Quartz Lovelight Talisman can help carry that love throughout the year. This special Heart Talisman is a beautiful locket filled with pieces of Rose Quartz crystals with the power to spark the flames of true love and perfect romance.

  • Draw forth your heart's true desires.
  • Help find the love of a perfect partner.
  • Help restore love to a failing relationship.
  • Create passion and lust.
  • Brighten the golden sphere of light surrounding your Aura to increase your self-love.
Worn with the right mindset, this locket Talisman can bring great love into your life as it will help you to embrace love with the wisdom to appreciate who you are and what is best for you personally.

To complement the energies of Valentine’s Day, pair this Talisman with our Valentine's Day Special Spell.
This Talisman can be worn as a pendant, or it can be kept close such as in a purse or pocket, or a drawer or hung from a car mirror. Just make sure it is near you for the energies to unfold in your life.

Quartz Lovelight Talisman
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