Continuing from last week's discussion about Lunar Magick and the Energies of the Moon, MeditatingWithTheMoon came to us for answers on how he too could incorporate such Energies into his Meditation routine. His curiosity and eagerness to learn is something we all know too well, so with his approval, here is his message below.

Dear 7witches,

After last week's article about the magic energies of the Moon, I was wondering if it was possible to for anyone to use the energy? I would like to call on the moon during the times I meditate to help me in certain areas of my life. Now that I know the best times to use the moon, can you help me harness those energies?

-- MeditatingWithTheMoon

You do not have to be a Practitioner to harness the Energy of the Moon. If you are Meditating, enhancing your Spellwork or needing extra positive Energy, calling on the Goddess of the Moon can bring your the surge of Energy needed to move forward.

When one harnesses the Energy of the Moon they are asking the Goddess to receive her Energy and channel it into their being to allow it to flow into their lives. We shared the following five steps to help MeditatingWithTheMoon prepare himself for his journey.


Choose a space where the light of the Moon can be seen and felt strongly,this can be inside or outside.


Cleanse your Space by burning sage incense and allow the smoke to fall freely.


Consecrate your space by Blessing it and dedicating the upcoming Ritual to the Lunar Goddess.

Drawing Down The Moon:


  • Stand in the light of the Moon
  • Calm your body and marvel at the Moon
  • Plant your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Raise your arms above your head
  • Feel the beams of light flowing from the sky into you
  • Inhale all the Energies dispersing around you and think of where you need this Energy in your life



Give thanks to the Lunar Goddess for the Energies she has bestowed upon you.

Each individual experiences receiving her Energies differently. There is no 'right' way to participate in this experience. The intense Energies can create different emotions, sensations, and outcomes; do not be alarmed or waver, hold your ground and allow the Goddess of the Moon to fill you with her Energy.

Whatever the circumstances may be, that will bring you to draw down the Moon, the aftermath will certainly leave you cleansed and surging with Energy.