Many believe as the Moon evolves people’s personalities begin to shift, which can be partially correct, whether it be a gravitational pull or a changing of the tides, those who are shifting usually are not aligning themselves properly with the changing of the Lunar Phases. This is what MourningTheMoons expressed recently when she sought guidance on how to move with the fluctuations.

Dear 7witches,

I am an avid occult weekly reader and appreciate all the insight you shared with me over the years. I was curious if could please help me with the different moons and why they are so important? What effects do they have? There were so many last year and I wish I set myself up with them all because 2016 just played havoc with me. It was only when I asked for help with the new and full moon spells that I had any peace. Is there a way to better understand how to work with them?



The different phases of the Moon bring different Energies. You are able to channel each phase and her Energy depending on what your desires are. Recognizing how each Moon Phase works will ultimately prepare you to use the Lunar Energies to your advantage.

The New Moon:
The New Moon signifies Commencement. The Energies that this Moon offers, are for starting anew. This could be beginning a new project or relationship, a career change or making a new life alone or with your partner. Whatever the undertaking may be if you are embarking on a new unknown journey, it is best to begin under the New Moon.

The Waxing Moon:
The Waxing Moon signifies Growth. This is when the Moon enlarges herself, as she grows you will feel the Energies growing more powerful and your wishes and desires strengthening. With the Energies of the Waxing Moon, it is wise to continue complementing your endeavors from the New Moon to draw positivity and prosperity into your life.

The Full Moon:
The Full Moon encourages you to follow your Heart. The Energies embodied by the Full Moon are at her strongest, because of this the Energies last almost a full week—three days prior and three days after the Full Moon. It is a significant time to focus on your heart's desire’s and follow the guiding force of her Energies.

The Waning Moon:
The Waning Moon signifies Purification. During this Lunar phase, the Moon is shrinking and taking with her all that we wish to purge. It is a time to rid yourself of negativity whether it be stress, an addiction or a person. Use her Energies to banish the negative influences that linger in your life.

The Dark Moon:
The Dark Moon encourages you to pause and take a breath. Although there are those who choose to use this time to carry out Curses as it is ideal for negative workings. For most within the Craft, the days that the Moon is not visible will use this time for Meditation and relaxation as Luna, is also recharging her Energy.

After each Esbat or Moon Ritual, be sure to remember to give thanks and pay homage to Luna as she assists you on your journey.