At this time of year when the weather becomes colder, we humans will begin retreating to our homes for cozy nights curled up in blankets. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to share with all of you how to create a home full of Magickal Energy. I decided to interview each Witch of our Coven and find out how they create an atmosphere for the nurturing of their individual Spirits.

Keep reading to find out how each of us creates our own Magickal Energy for our personal spaces.

High Priestess J. Roslyn Antle: A Calming Stress-Free Home

A conversation with High Priestess J. Roslyn Antle is always a truly soothing experience. So I was not surprised when she told me she prefers to create a calming and quiet energy for her home. Her home is her haven and is decorated with many shades of Blues and Greens, which allow for a calm and soothing atmosphere. It provides the peace and comfort allowing her to destress. Another way she creates her calm space is by filling her tub with a mixture of Witch Hazel and Chamomile. The steam from the tub slowly disperses throughout her home; leaving nothing but tranquility to settle away any possible negativity from the day.

Monique Hargrove: A Warm Loving Household

In our Coven, Monique is known for her kind and loving temperament. She has told me that even in her home she seeks to create Energy of warmth and love. Every one of her rooms is painted and decorated in the hues of Love: Reds and Pinks. This color palette helps create the perfect backdrop for her favorite room, which is home to a mural of Doves and the scent of Roses. She has also decorated her home with many soft pillows and blankets for anyone to curl up and rest.

Cormac O’Dwyer: A Studious Space for Enlightenment

When I asked Cormac how he chooses to decorate his dwelling, I was as always overwhelmed by his complete disregard for any decoration. He is a very scholarly man focused on enlightenment of the mind and not material matters, after all. He keeps his walls a simple Grey, which allows his mind to focus on his studies. His Bamboo tree is the only living thing in his space. It provides him with a touch of nature; giving him a sense of harmony to diffuse any unwanted emotions.

Eugenie LaCroix: A Refreshing Start for Every Morning

Eugenie’s skill at Curse Reversal has helped many of you begin a new path in life. It should be no surprise to any of us that she works to create a fresh and awakening energy in her rooms. When in season, she scatters Carnations throughout her rooms, as they symbolize rebirth and renewal. Eugenie always starts her days the same, by lighting Cinnamon Incense and ensuring it burns until the air is filled with its awakening scent.

Stephenie Crowe: A Pure and Private Dwelling

In our Coven, Stephenie is the only one of us capable of dabbling in the ways of the Left Hand Path. It takes a great toll on her to spend so much time surrounded by darkness. She confided in me, that she has Cast powerful Magick around her home to maintain its purity and privacy. She needs to rest peacefully away from the darkness of her Craft. So she uses Essential Oils of Garlic and Rosemary, in combination with her love for Aloe plants. These together keep the air pure and the entities at bay.

Lynda Stratton: A Safe and Protected Abode

Lynda is well known for her ability to channel Ancient Vampyre Magick. She is very used to warding off advances from the Ancient Spirits of the Night and she told me she designed her home to ward away all Spiritual intruders. She originally chose her abode knowing there were already natural protective powers in place. You see, her home is situated in an area of land lined with Cypress trees; which are known for their natural protective properties. She also creates safety in her home by the constant use of Basil and Clove incense.

Jean-Baptiste Sylvestre: A Space to Pleasure the Senses

Jean-Baptiste our Vodou Practitioner was once from the bustling and vibrant locations of Haiti and New-Orleans USA. He is used to rich colors and the sensual smell of good food wafting through the air. For his own chambers, he tries to create an energy that will keep his senses pleasured and satiated. You will find the deep and rich colors of Reds, Golds and Purples. To set the mood, you will also find a selection of Incense lined up for your choosing. Patchouli, Sandalwood and Vanilla are his most frequently used.

Tatianna Pereslavl-Svyatoslavich: A Sweet and Cozy Room

Tatianna is our practitioner of Fae Magick, and in person, she is also the sweetest and kindest Spirit you will ever meet. She tells me that in her home she prefers to create a Magickal ambiance of sweet happy delightful energy; so that any passing Faery will be called to visit. As they so frequently do, she has many Faery gardens inside and out. Her favorite decor consists of colors inspired by the flowers the Fae dance upon; mainly tones of Peaches and Pinks. You will always leave her room smelling of Lilacs and Vanilla.

Vivianne Attor: A Place to Embrace Natural Beauty

As for me, Vivianne, you all already know of my great love for Nature and its organic beauty. In my own room, I seek to surround myself with reminders for the Magick of the Natural World. I do this by making my room Earthy. You will find various splashes of nature throughout, from soft Browns to shades of Greens; allowing me to feel at peace with the world. I love my Essential Oils for their scents as well as their Magickal resources. I use the flowery fragrance of Jasmine to the calming properties of Ginger.

Your home is where you nurture your heart, so you must take great care in the Magickal Energy you create within its walls.

What sort of Magickal Energy do you like to create in your home?