Spell MaintenanceLike just about everything else, Spellwork tends to fade over time. No matter how strong we Cast a Spell, and how much energy we put into it, time will inevitably take its toll. Don't believe anyone who tries to tell you that a Spell will be as strong 6 months from now as it is today - it simply will not be.

For this reason, once a week we perform a special Coven Ritual to strengthen and add positive energy to previous Spellwork. This 4-hour Group Ritual will greatly increase not only the scope and power of the Spellwork, but also its longevity.

This Spell Maintenance Ritual is for 3 Spells, with 1 Ritual performed per month per Spell, on the Thursday following your request, every month until canceled. You can change or cancel your Spell Maintenance Ritual at any time in your store account.

Price: $37.77

Billed monthly

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