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Moonlight Faery Talisman

Moonlight Faery Talisman
Find your Fae!

The world of the Fae requires a deep belief system. You must believe that there is more to the universe than what can be seen by the human eye. You must believe in the unseen, the shadowed, and the obscure, the Moonlight Faery Talisman can help facilitate this. It has been anointed by the Fae and given a Blessing from Tatianna. The Energies contained within this Talisman will enhance the abilities within you, guiding and helping you to open the doors to your destiny. This beautifully crafted Talisman will benefit you greatly to:
  • Become in tune with nature
  • Emanate your natural beauty
  • Evade deception
  • Fulfill your dreams and wishes
  • Realize everything is possible, all you simply need is a little Magick
The conjuring of Faery energies is a very positive sort of Magick, which can give you a positive boost to allow yourself to make the needed transformations in your life.

This talisman can be worn, it can be kept in a purse or pocket, or even kept in a drawer or hung from a car mirror. Just make sure it is close to you.

Moonlight Faery Talisman
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