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Success in 2022 Ritual

Success in 2022 Ritual

Out With The Old...

You need the Success In 2022 Spell if:

  • You want a fresh start and a year full of opportunities.
  • You wish to leave behind any traces of negativity from last year.
  • You’d like to be well-positioned to succeed brilliantly in 2022.

Changing your calendar gives you a liberating feeling. The old year is done and belongs in the past. Your attention turns towards the New Year and all that’s possible. It is a time of great opportunity. Let the 7witches Coven’s Success in 2022 Spell clear the path for you. This spell works by concentrating the positive energy built up over the holiday season and unleashing it in a surge of Magick clearing away any traces of negativity. This will help provide the clean start you need for a wonderfully successful New Year.

The change of the year has a great effect on all of us. For better or worse, the transition of the years is how we measure our lives - in length, and in success. Do you wish to make sure this year is better than your last? Do you want to keep up the progress you have made? Or do you want a fresh start, with a break from the past? The Success in 2022 Spell will help you achieve these goals.

If you have a specific project or goal you wish to reach in the New Year, this Spell is a great option. There is a Magick based on human enthusiasm released in the world at the turn of the year. Let the 7witches Coven seize this and use it to clear your way, with the Success in 2022 Spell.

Don't forget to pair your Spell with our specially crafted Sands of Time amulet, at a great price.

We will begin taking requests for this special Ritual on the 1st of December, 2021.

5 Stars
Success Spell
My life has been more successful all around. There are still things I would like to improve and I feel this spell has helped greatly!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Texas. on 3/6/2015
5 Stars
I used this in combination with the Happiness Spell and the Barrier Blaster and found that it helped provided the inner courage to just keep moving toward what you want. It does work. Just keep preparing yourself for what you asked for and it will come.
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Reviewed by:  from Flagstaff AZ. on 3/6/2015
5 Stars
This Ritual provided a fresh start beyond my expectations. By the 7th, lingering negativity from an ex was erraticated and a peaceful solution was found, conviction and stregnth to say goodbye to a toxic relationship that I allowed to hold me down for years, and by the 10th, a kind man was calling on me and we enjoyed wine and dinner. I feel invigorated for the new year by releasing the old that was not serving any positive purpose in my life. This Ritual is powerful. It is only the 15th of January and I have no regrets for releasing the old and moving towards an a healthier love. In fact, I feel empowered. So empowered and hopeful that I ordered another casting. Our friends in the Coven are powerful, passionate, kind and the real deal. I am so grateful!!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from USA. on 1/15/2021
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