“Reincarnation is a fact paralleled by science. The First Law of Thermodynamics tells us energy can only be transformed; It cannot be created or destroyed.”~Karen Berg


We know that when we die, our bodies return to dust. Our atoms fall apart and join with other things. We become earth, trees, sky, or water, as we return to the quintessence of life. However, we know the mysterious energy within us, known as a soul, has to be transformed. Many believe in an afterlife, but many also believe in a continuation of life.

We have no definitive proof of Heaven or Hell, save for the glimpses in visions and dreams. However, reincarnation has a bit more evidence lending to its credence. Those of us who feel that we’ve “been here more than once” most likely have.

Take a look at those of your closest friends. How many of them did you “simply feel drawn to”, or felt like within minutes you’d “known each other for years”. This is perhaps of your shared time over thousands of births. You’ve probably met in a past life, and this relationship is a continuation of the last time you were together, with new trials, tribulations, and joys to experience together.

What about phobias? Those fears that are inexplicable to you? Many fears have explanations rooted in psychology and in trauma, but there are those who fear something for no rational reason at all. We believe that this is rolled-over from a past life, perhaps a traumatic situation then. Just as the good energy passes from one life to the next, so too do the reverberations of trauma and pain.

What about our Transgender friends and family? They say that they’ve been “Born in the wrong body”, and that’s entirely true! Perhaps in their past lives, they’ve always been one gender, but this time around they came back a different one.

Child Prodigies are another excellent case of children possessing prodigious abilities far beyond their age. This precocious display of skill leaves many baffled, as a child prodigy on a musical instrument dazzles people with ability not possible within someone so young. Yet, perhaps years of that musical training resides within their soul, deep within their muscle memory. After all, the soul is a container of memories.

It is believed that birth defects and birthmarks are a result of karma from a past life, giving shape and direction to the reincarnated soul. Often times autism, savantism, or Down’s Syndrome are passed into families who have no genetics for it, most likely because a reincarnated soul had come into rebirth with a burden of karma from a previous life. It is perhaps why our autistic friends are sometimes the sweetest and kindest people we know.

All around us are the evidences of reincarnation at work. People with animalistic traits, people whose eyes radiate with a wisdom beyond their years, old souls, new souls, and other such simple details. One merely has to look with awakened eyes, and the very threads of life and death in their infinite cycle will unravel before us.



Date 4/10/2016

My daughter is autistic with mental retardation. She is a bright light, kind and sweet and I'm honored that she chose me to be her mother. I know that in a past life she took care of me when I was sick. So now it's my turn. I love this life journey and the lessons she teaches me every day.

Kim Radford

Date 4/10/2016

I'm not sure what body meant at the top of the box sorry . But I truely enjoyed reading this

sandra watson

Date 4/10/2016

i like this article about past lives i wonder who i was it says i was emily dickinson though i believe i was someone totally different people that i dont know who have died keep appearing especially when im awake for example the late david robert jones alias bowie i never knew him yet when he visits i feel as though we r connected its thye reason why i hav not accepted his death my everyday life he is there in kitchen at work wherever i may be i would like to know how to properley connect

Henry Roop

Date 4/10/2016

Very true indeed, reincarnation makes more sense than going to a "hell" if your soul is not quite "pure" enough. The bible uses a feat tactic to make the sinners think they will burn forever in a lake of fire. Now why would a God be that mean to condemn a human into eternal damnation? Also if God was that perfect, there would not be a devil.


Date 4/10/2016

This is a beautiful article that puts into words the feelings some of us have had for years. It is also a tangible concise explaination for those who do not " understand" . I appreciate the wisdom of the authors and look forward to many more insights they bring forth.

Teresa long

Date 4/10/2016

I believe I had a past life, and lived in louisiana as a slave. I have just moved here and for some reason I feel a bond with the past. Like I dream at night or see things during the day that are not real . My mama said I was born with a veal over my head, whatever that means.


Date 4/10/2016

Question: Are there any tools or processes that could help one see his or her past life?


Date 4/11/2016



Date 4/11/2016

I was interested in the part about birthmarks, I was born with a somewhat of a strawberry birthmark but it is on my head and was risen above my skin until I was about 2 I'm guessing at the age of when it fell but it's still on my head it's a very soft spot and being a women now is covered by hair. I have not read too much about birthmarks this was news to me but I have heard or actually read that in the past being born with such a mark you would have been marked as being a witch. Please if you know anything about my birthmark please email me I would love to talk with you Sincerely, Carly Callaway @ [email protected]


Date 4/11/2016

Will like to share this with you, it is a topic of interest to me, as i had believed in reincarnation for a period of time. Reincarnation -True or False? Amongst “new age” thinkers, reincarnation is almost taken for granted. This belief which had its origins in the Eastern religions has spread across the world. The offer of a second chance has seemed to many orthodox Christians to be fairer than the concept of one chance, and you might miss out! Many have even discovered that the early Christians also toyed with reincarnation, until it was decided that it was not in accordance with the faith. There is a lot of apparently solid “evidence” of past lives that lends credence to these beliefs. Some have even pointed to the Bible where they find “evidence” that Jesus referred to a past life. Until the Padgett and Samuels messages were delivered, there was no solid revelation to support the notion that reincarnation is false. In these messages, Jesus asserts that it is false, and offers physical evidence why it cannot be accomplished. That leaves only the question of why so many people report past lives, some of which can be validated. We are told that yes these lives are valid, but it was not the life of the mortal doing the remembering. It is a memory implanted by a spirit keen to advance these beliefs amongst mortals, or it is simply a memory “discovered” by a travelling mind. Our minds are way more powerful than is generally credited. What is certain is that many many spirits still believe in reincarnation - but none of these are Celestials! This is simply because those mortals who die believing in reincarnation, continue with that belief for many years. It follows that there would be many such spirits, and that few of these would be particularly advanced so soon after passing over. I have long accepted that the source of past life information received by mortals is attendant spirits who have had those experiences. However, reading “Letters from the Light” indicates that spirits are able to recall past life information themselves. This suggests a more complex explanation is required. I currently suspect that it is partly a function of the way that mind is constructed, coupled with the fact that all thoughts continue to exist as realities, and can be studied. It is possible to trace a thought by context, owner, subject, etc. The mind it seems is probably not as personal as we consider, and there may be many aspects of mind that can be shared or accessed by others. Once the spirit realizes that HEAVENS are a place of continuous progression, there is very little point in reincarnating to start from scratch again. Indeed this is what seems eventually to convince those spirits who do believe in reincarnation - they do not want to return to earth, as they realize how far they have progressed, and cannot see any sense in such a cycle. Those who believe we have had many, some say hundreds of past lives, should realize that the limited progression that mankind has achieved over the decades has been more material than spiritual. There is thus little evidence to show for the "value" of reincarnation in actually progressing mankind. A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY NEW BIRTH

Robert Rico

Date 4/11/2016

THANK YOU, for sharing, this,..Yes, I too believe, in Reincarnation, And this Earth, is a Earth School, to live, and Learn,.and move on.. we grow with wisedom, and learn to respect others, with compassion, and LOVE, and understanding, with out jugement,..treat others, as we want to be treated,yes the law of Karma, is real,. what we do Here, and now will Also Come back, to us,. in this this life or in the next life,..that is why ALL the great World's Masters ALL Said to LOVE Each other....THANK YOU< SO MUCH,.. May you be Blessed, with light, life, and LOVE....have a Good/Blessed Day....... Robert Rico...

Obotuko Ikpe

Date 4/12/2016

As a student of African Traditional Religion (ATRs) and a Priest in service, the past influences the present and life can be reset to some point through understanding of how the past works.

ann lapatka

Date 4/13/2016

I have been told that I was an "old soul" also--and this was from a very conservative Christian group of old ladies, of all things, not from anyone who was New Age! That really surprised me! When I was a child I couldn't wait to grow up, which was only a matter of my body growing. I was more mature at 11 or 12 years old than many 40 year olds, and I had definite opinions on things, which the "adults" did not take seriously. But I "knew" that when I got older I would still have the same opinions and ideas--and I did! When I was about 10 years old I remember reading a book by Dale Carnegie and others beyond my age group. Also, I just "knew" how to spell words in school and rarely had to study them. Usually I got 100% in spelling and English grammar. I recall walking down the street with my parents, one on each side of me and I was in the middle, and thinking that these two people were not good for me and that they would negatively affect my life in the future, and I was right. I must have been not more than 4 or 5 years old at that time. In Kindergarten I would observe the other children like a child psychologist and remember noting that when one child would say a slang word, another child would pick up that word and I said to myself that soon all the other children would be repeating that word. And they did. I had a dream that I was a beautiful Jewish young woman and there was a persecution going on, but I was not in a concentration camp or anything like that. My father told me that my mother was really jealous of me when I was little, and he remarked "And you were just a little girl!" I was only 4 or 5 years old and I remember that also. It was really strange. Perhaps in a previous life there was some kind of rivalry between my mother and myself. It made my life difficult, and I thought there was no really logical reason for this. Needless to say, I left home as soon as I could. I could never understand why my parents were my parents. There were woods behind my house and when I was very little I would go there and just stand among the reeds which were much taller than I was and I loved the feeling I had, maybe I was in an alpha state. It was wonderful! Then they would make me leave and told me not to go into the woods again, but I could not resist and kept going back. Well, that's enough for now! Blessings... Ann Lapatka [email protected] P.S. Please don't use my name if you print this--use "Helene" (my middle name). I miss out on your "specials" a lot because I don't have a computer and have to drive around an hour round trip (I live in the country) to use the library's computer, just so you know. But I think about you often.

Tara Raulston Dodd

Date 4/14/2016

I have been told I was a shaman in my past life, I was drawn to wicca, animals are drawn to me, plants thrive in my home, nature responds to me, I love fire, water, wind and the earth, I give accurate tarot card readings, I am a empath, YES reincarnation is real !!!

Vincent J Cicirello

Date 4/18/2016

I had words with my hearts desire on August 20th 2013. I said some hurting things to her and immediately after haven said them, i wish i could have taken back those words. I have apologised many times by telephone, by email and us postal mail. She wouldn't give me the chance to make things right. A few days later August 25th 2013 she kicked me out of her life like yesterdays trash. She blocked me from contacting her in every way. It's been 971 days since i last saw her or talked to her. After all this time, my heart still overflows with love for her. My heart is broken and i surely will die of a broken heart. You are my last chance. I've been scammed out of thousands of dollars from many so called spell casters and psychics. Please give me results before payment. Please bring her back into my life full of love, passion and lust for me and only me, forsaking all others. I will love you forever and i will be your best testimonial ever and i will pay you double your fee. Love and Friendship, Vince

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