“Reincarnation is a fact paralleled by science. The First Law of Thermodynamics tells us energy can only be transformed; It cannot be created or destroyed.”~Karen Berg


We know that when we die, our bodies return to dust. Our atoms fall apart and join with other things. We become earth, trees, sky, or water, as we return to the quintessence of life. However, we know the mysterious energy within us, known as a soul, has to be transformed. Many believe in an afterlife, but many also believe in a continuation of life.

We have no definitive proof of Heaven or Hell, save for the glimpses in visions and dreams. However, reincarnation has a bit more evidence lending to its credence. Those of us who feel that we’ve “been here more than once” most likely have.

Take a look at those of your closest friends. How many of them did you “simply feel drawn to”, or felt like within minutes you’d “known each other for years”. This is perhaps of your shared time over thousands of births. You’ve probably met in a past life, and this relationship is a continuation of the last time you were together, with new trials, tribulations, and joys to experience together.

What about phobias? Those fears that are inexplicable to you? Many fears have explanations rooted in psychology and in trauma, but there are those who fear something for no rational reason at all. We believe that this is rolled-over from a past life, perhaps a traumatic situation then. Just as the good energy passes from one life to the next, so too do the reverberations of trauma and pain.

What about our Transgender friends and family? They say that they’ve been “Born in the wrong body”, and that’s entirely true! Perhaps in their past lives, they’ve always been one gender, but this time around they came back a different one.

Child Prodigies are another excellent case of children possessing prodigious abilities far beyond their age. This precocious display of skill leaves many baffled, as a child prodigy on a musical instrument dazzles people with ability not possible within someone so young. Yet, perhaps years of that musical training resides within their soul, deep within their muscle memory. After all, the soul is a container of memories.

It is believed that birth defects and birthmarks are a result of karma from a past life, giving shape and direction to the reincarnated soul. Often times autism, savantism, or Down’s Syndrome are passed into families who have no genetics for it, most likely because a reincarnated soul had come into rebirth with a burden of karma from a previous life. It is perhaps why our autistic friends are sometimes the sweetest and kindest people we know.

All around us are the evidences of reincarnation at work. People with animalistic traits, people whose eyes radiate with a wisdom beyond their years, old souls, new souls, and other such simple details. One merely has to look with awakened eyes, and the very threads of life and death in their infinite cycle will unravel before us.