Our Coven cannot stress enough the power and tremendous benefits Meditation has, however it can occasionally be difficult to completely, grasp the concept. We have previously suggested Meditation Through Coloring now there is also the power of Art.

There are profound benefits with artistic expression and creating art, that can be channeled into your daily lives. Creating art will allow you to send positive Energy into a final product while accessing a meditative state of mind to separate yourselves from negativity and connect with your true selves to bring desires, healing, and goals to light.

There are common ways to aid in your Spellwork. We have spoken about herbs that help, Meditation techniques and using colors to enhance Spells. We see that it is only fitting to provide you with another tool, how to craft Ritual Jars to help with Spellwork; specifically the most sought after Protection and Prosperity.

Creating a Ritual Jar will help charge it with your Energies and desires and allow you to also design it the way you wish.

To create your own Prosperity Ritual Jar to help your Spellwork and attract prosperous Energies to you, you will need:

Prosperity Ritual Jar Materials:

  1. Rice:

Rice is an ancient symbol of good health, success, and wealth. It resonates with the Energy of the Earth and its properties are quite powerful.

  1. Cinnamon:

The Energy of the Sun provides cinnamon with financial and personal prosperity. When it is combined with other prosperous materials, it can help with financial stability whether it is a new job, getting a raise or simply improving your financial status.

  1. Basil:

Basil attracts wealth and prosperity along with being identified by the Spirits to bring good fortune in the ways of money, love, and health. Just as cinnamon, when fused together with other prosperous items it brings blessings of prosperity.

  1. Black Stones:

Such as black tourmaline, onyx, obsidian, and moss agate have the ability to change and purify negative Energies and turn those Energies into positive. Black stones help alleviate pessimism, stress and worry then turns those dark Energies into prosperous Energy.

  1. Crystals and Stones:

Gems for abundance and prosperity can provide Energy to support you on your journey. Each crystal works with the other properties within the Jar to bring you the abundance, luck, success and wealth you are seeking.

  1. Green Candles:

Are used in many luck, money and success Spells simply because the color green symbolizes growth in every possible way, it will attract abundance and well-being.

  1. Water:

Like Rice, water is another ancient symbol across many cultures and belief systems. It is a sign of abundance and will help attract balance, growth, harmony, prosperity and wealth.

  1. Coins:

Coins are obvious symbols of luck, prosperity, and wealth.

  1. Incense:

Raises the Energy of the surrounding area where it is placed. Cinnamon or basil incense are known for their prosperous properties.

  1. Green Items:

That represent abundance, success, prosperity, and wealth can be added to your Jar to give it your personal touch, while serving the purpose of drawing positive Energies to you.

Still in need to help fortify your personal sanctuary? Create your own Protection Ritual Jar to keep you and your home safe from spiritual and physical harms, you will need:

Protection Ritual Jar Materials:

  1. Dirt:

Offers protection in the sense that the Spirits of the fallen Ancestors live within the soil. It is infused with supernatural powers and when placed with other protection materials, will also banish Evil.

  1. Salt:

Salt has many purposes, however, in a Protection Jar, it will help cleanse and balance Energies while repelling the negative ones and aid you and your Caster in the Manifestations of your Spellwork.

  1. Cloves:

The use of Cloves ensures that your intent is realized and received. The properties of Cloves include banishing Evil, driving away hostile and negative forces, protection, and purifies the area they are in.

  1. Lavender:

Can ward off the Evil eye and chase away Evil spirits.

  1. Crystals & Stones:

Our Coven has mentioned the unique Energy contained within crystals and stones and the vibrations they carry. When it comes to protection three gems are quite useful

  • Rose Quartz is a grounding stone. It can help provide protection from nightmares, substances, and spite.

  • Amethyst is a stone that can be worn, used in art or as decoration, whatever the cause when placed in a Protection Jar, it will protect from psychic attacks, other harms and will clear out negative and blocked energies.

  • Clear Quartz offers powerful protection and can enhance a person's Aura.

  1. Mirrors:

Have many purposes in protection. Certain Evil Spirits are obsessive and can trap themselves inside. While mirrors can also reflect the malicious intentions back to the original sender.

  1. Egg Shells:

Can repel negative Energy, one can either grind them to dust and add them to the Jar or simply crush them and place within.

  1. Bay Leaves:

Have many uses, however, in the Protection Jar, they will ward off Evil, defend against Curses and stop the interference of unwanted beings Supernatural and human.

  1. Incense:

As previously mentioned above, Incense raises the Energy of the surrounding area where it is placed. Dragon's Blood is used for cleansing, courage, and protection.

  1. Symbols of Protection:

There are many protective symbols throughout the world's cultures and belief systems, that will ward off Evil and draw positive Energy to you. For this specific Jar, the Hamsa hand of defense and the color purple were used to help keep the Evil at bay.

The Ritual Jars act as tools to help with Manifesting your Spellwork and desires. They will help to focus your mind and your Energy, as each item and color speak their own individual languages. When combined, they symbolize and generate unique power. No two Ritual Jars will ever be the same, every Practitioner's tools will vary from one to the next, do not be afraid to let your unique Energies flow into your work.