It is in human nature to worry about an outcome, attribute occurrences to the Natural and Spiritual world and avoid normal routines when the day, Friday the 13th appears. This was expressed to us recently when we were contacted by StubbornButSuperstitious. She is familiar with the maliciousness and negativity that lurks, not only on the 13th but at anytime, thus the need to seek protection for peace of mind.

Dear 7witches,

Growing up, I was raised by highly superstitious parents. I could only wash clothes on specific days, cut my nails on another. I wasn’t allowed to go to sleep without brushing my hair and putting it into a ponytail to be sure the devil wouldn't play and tangle it, and do not even get me started on unlucky numbers. I never let them affect me or really gave superstitions any thoughts, I just accepted them as my parents quirks. I guess I am here because my goal for 2017 was to get my own place, which, guess what... I did! I am finally on my own which I thought would give me empowerment, privacy and peace of mind but my sister left yesterday and now I am alone. I can't sleep there are too many lingering thoughts keeping me awake of something bad happening, is this because of next Friday or did my parents wish this for me? I can't call my parents and go home with my tail between my legs, its what they would love. I am 26, please is there something you all can do or can help me do to regain my sanity, freedom and keep me safe?


Though fear can be paralyzing, precautionary measures are always wise to keep you physically, mentally and Spiritually safeguarded. We guided StubbornButSuperstitious to rest easily with:

The House and Home Cleansing Ritual Kit:

We will assist you through this Ritual to surround your home with Positive Energy protecting you from the negativity of outside forces. You will purge your home of darkness and unwanted Entities to regain your control over your personal sanctuary.

The Protection Spell:

It does not matter if you seek protection from Spiritual or Physical harm, extra protection will allow you to rest happily and comfortably and not allow the unknown to control your journey.

The Hamsa Hand of Defense:

This Amulet will help shield you with The Hamsa open hand. It defends against the Evil Eye and provides protection, in conjunction with offerings of blessings, peace and strength.

The Friday the 13th Spell:

To give yourself the peace of mind you seek this Friday, align yourself positively by Cleansing your Aura and Chakra to restore balance to your Karma and surround yourself with a sphere of positive Energy.


Henry Roop

Date 1/8/2017

My thoughts on this is to stay busy, like washing dishes, housework, reading more Wicca books, watching movies, of listening to music, my favorite is Enya, or wrapping up and going on a brisk walk in this cold weather. The objective is to stay positive, and let the craft help you along the way. Do some mediations, house and body cleansings, and don't let your thoughts dwell on anything negative. I assume you are working, so try to excel there. Also try to make friends, (at work, or where you shop). True friends can be a big help too. Again, try to keep busy, enjoy some hobbies, (it's sometimes difficult in the winter), and laugh often.

iko samari

Date 1/8/2017

Aura and chakra are perfect great spell caster they never make mistake I believe they will restore balance to my karma spell work

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