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Protection From Evil Candle Spell

Protection From Evil Candle Spell
They are protected from all harm; all evil.

Evil may surround us, but you need not fear. This Protection From Evil Candle Spell can bring you mighty shield that you need. Harm and negativity will be relieved from your fears as you will have the defense of this powerful Spell.

Just a few examples of situations where this Candle Spell can help:
  • You feel a negative presence and want protection from harmful energies.
  • You need a cloak of positive energy to hide you away from negativity.
  • Evil is in your life and you desire to banish it away.
Red candles are used to circle a pure White candle that represents you, creating a force field of energy on your behalf. Allow the strength of the spirits to be by your side with this very powerful Candle Spell.

Protection From Evil Candle Spell

NOTE: This Spell is Cast on your behalf by the Witch of your choice, who will prepare the candles and Cast the Ritual. The candles are not shipped to you.
5 Stars
This works - in more ways than one!
So thankful and happy! Not only did I feel and see a shift within the specific situation I requested this for, but I've also noticed that it's eased the negative vibes in other areas as well. Even the current retrograde isn't affecting me as it once did before (a happy surprise! - considering this is NOT the retrograde spell). Communication is easier, ego has shifted, forgiveness and love are stronger and the overall 'weight' of everything is lighter. Before this spell, I felt overwhelmed by negative forces and I felt that they were creating a wedge and hindering progress, as well as undoing any progress that had previously been made - But not now. This spell has gone above & beyond my expectations and I'm more grateful than I could ever express. So much love for this product & this coven! I'll keep inviting the magic/magick to continue working and will definitely return here and recommend this place in the future! Thanks again, and Blessed Be.
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Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 9/10/2016
5 Stars
Thank you Jean
I asked Jean to cast this spell in may 2019 because the effects of the other spells was being reduced . The cause was an evil curse/ hex put on me by my own sister my own blood. I had no idea why or how my career had had a downfall after literally nine years of success without any struggle periods. It clicked that this spell would protect me and open avenues for me instantly. And yes it did happen. It was cast on the 17 th of may and within a week the magic of the other spells started taking effect. I had been cursed not to earn or work and was totally lost in life. This spell literally helped me a lot. I thank Jean with all my heart.
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Reviewed by:  from Pune. on 5/31/2019
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