At this time of the year many of us begin the routine of Spring cleaning. We go through the house, dusting everything, and empty our closets of the things that don’t fit anymore. Witches engage in Spring cleaning, too, but the process involves much more than our physical space.

Spring is a wonderful time to perform psychic cleansing. Psychic cleansing is something that should be done on a regular basis. We live in a world that constantly bombards us with negative energy. From the articles in the newspapers to the segments on the evening news, negative energy is never in short supply. You can’t even check out at the grocery store without seeing headlines on the tabloids about celebrities and their troubles. Add to this the people in our lives who always seem determined to look at the dark side of things and you've brewed up a serious storm of negative energy.

The amazing thing is, you really don’t have to participate in it to be affected. Our psyche does a pretty good job of filtering out garbage when we instruct it to do so. After a time, however, our mental “garbage disposal” can get a little clogged. The time has then come for psychic cleansing.

I want to share with you a few things you can do to start eliminating residual negative energy:

1. Get rid of old newspapers and magazines.

These things are just cluttering up your home, and are brimming with all sorts of energy-most of it bad. If there are certain articles you want to keep (recipes, uplifting stories, etc.), clip them out and file them away. You can even scan them into your computer. Newspapers and magazines create a very busy atmosphere, and that will hamper your meditation and the effort to quiet your mind.

2. Take some cleansing baths.

A simple cleansing bath doesn’t require an elaborate ritual; all you need is a candle and some sea salt. Add the salt to your bathwater, light the candle, and soak your negative energy away. Visualize your Inner Self being washed clean by the water. Mentally infuse the water with Divine Light. You can take as many of these cleansing baths as you wish; a few witches in our Coven never bathe without adding Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt.

3. Balance Your Karma With Random Kindness

None of us are perfect. We’re all bound to use poor judgment from time to time and do something which causes someone else hurt. Perhaps it was an insensitive word, or maybe we failed to aid a friend in their time of need. As Witches we believe that whatever we do returns to us threefold. To reduce the amount of negativity in your life, make a habit of performing random acts of kindness. It only takes a moment to hold the door for someone at the shopping mall. Offer to help your neighbor cut their lawn-you’ll soon find out that you’re cutting your own in half the time. Get it? Everything you do has an effect. It cycles right back into your own life experience. Dear Ones, I would much rather have good things coming back my way.

Add these little things to your Spring cleaning routine and you’ll brighten up more than just your home.