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The Samhain Ritual Bonfire

The Samhain Ritual Bonfire
Burn The Bad Away

Samhain marks the end of the harvest season, which is a perfect occasion to leave bad things behind and allow yourself a spiritual and emotional rebirth - moving forward into the new season. Let us help you move on from the mistakes, the misfortunes, the failures, the pain, and feel the cleansing rebirth of the Samhain Ritual Bonfire.

This rebirth, carried out when the veil between our world and the spirit world is thinnest, will be witnessed and blessed by the departed spirits of those who have passed on yet still love and care for you.

For this Ritual, we kindle the Samhain Bonfire, into which we will feed Blessed Straw Bundles on your behalf to represent the bad things you wish to leave behind. They will be burned out of existence – creating fuel for the light of hope that shines ahead, and illuminating your path out of the dark. You can choose up to 4 straw bundles for this Ritual.

The upcoming Samhain Ritual Bonfire will be held on October 31st 2021 starting at dusk.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As this is a group Spell, it is not meant to tackle complicated issues - rather it is meant to bring Positive Energy into your life, and it can also act as a booster for other, more specific Spellwork. If you have a specific situation that needs to be addressed, please consult our other Spells for the appropriate Spell for your situation.

STRAW BUNDLES: Each Straw Bundle represents a negative aspect of your life and will be individually Blessed for you and used during the Ritual - nothing is sent to you. You can mix & match Straw Bundles based on your individual situation and desires, and even order multiples of the same kind if you feel that there is excess negativity in that area. If you wish more than 4, you can order additional Rituals.

The Samhain Ritual Bonfire
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I want to put the past behind me so that I may move on! Blessed be!
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