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Sands of Time

Sands of Time
The changing of the year brings us liberation as we get to move away from the past and awaken something new for the year ahead. The transition of the years is how we measure our lives - in length, and in success. Like the hourglass, our lives are transient and ever-changing. Every moment is a moment we cannot recover or relive, and tomorrow holds no guarantees. Now is the time for you to redirect your energy into actions.

Do you:
  • Want to seize new opportunities in the New Year?
  • Wish to turn the negative cycles and unbalanced negativity from the last year into sand?
  • Want to make every second of your life as rich and fulfilling as possible?
There is Magick based on human enthusiasm released into the world at the turn of the year, which the 7Witches Coven has imbued into the grains of sand. You can now harness and carry these Magickal Energies forward with you into 2022 with the Eternal Sands of Time Hourglass.

Time is a powerful thing, do not waste your gifts.

Sands of Time
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