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Scrying Pendant of Midnight

Scrying Pendant of Midnight
Open your eyes...

This necklace is a magickal piece that has been imbued with energies to provide a psychic boost, especially for those working with scrying methods. Allow this divine piece to open your eyes and soul to all that you aspire to see.

  • Enhance and strengthen your psychic and spiritual abilities.
  • Clear the path in your mind and focus your concentration in ways you never knew were possible.
  • Open your eyes to the past, present and future and see the divine.
We recommend that with this particular piece you take time to infuse it with your own energy as well. You can use the pendant as a pendulum, and even without a point, it can still guide you in the right direction if used properly. Scrying is a mystic art, but one that is available to all. With practice and determination, this necklace will enhance your abilities and allow divine knowledge to shine through.

Paired with the Open My Inner Eye Combo Spell, you will have a powerful combination that can open up many windows into the realms beyond.

Scrying Pendant of Midnight
4 Stars
thank you sir this has helped me move forward on my path
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Reviewed by:  from Lagos. on 6/4/2020
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