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Special & Other Spells

If you can't find the right Spell in the above sections - don't worry.

We have a range of additional Spells available that could help in achieving your goals. The Moon Spells are carried out just once a month, which is full of lunar power and could help accomplish your goals.

These are our most effective elemental Spells. They tap into the pure and raw energy that the seasons generate. This great power can be channeled and manipulated to help you, through our Moon Spells and the My Wish Spell. These Spells can provide great support in almost every situation.

The whole power of the Magickal calendar is here for your use. Here we have a range of Special Spells based on Samhain, Summer and Winter Solstices, Planetary Alignment Spells and other seasonal events are here for your benefit.

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The Samhain Ritual Bonfire
The 12 Days of Yule Spell
Success in 2022 Ritual
The Friday the 13th Spell
The Friday the 13th Positive Power Spell
Summer Solstice Ritual
Solar Eclipse Ritual Spell
Donations & Upgrades
Mercury Retrograde Shielding Spell
The Aura Cleansing Spell
Full Moon Spell
New Moon Spell
My Wish Spell