It is possible for modern and alternative medicines to work together and compliment the other, recently Hand4Healing came to us in search of alternate ways to help heal those around her.

Dear 7witches,

I do not have a grand question but more of a curiosity. When I was a child I was quite sick and spent much time in the hospital and luckily I got better but some of the friends I made did not. Back then I was not aware of all the magical properties I could use in my life and since have taken up practicing more, I feel as this is my calling and I am drawn to help others but need a guide. I know last week you spoke of the healing power of gems are there other ways to help heal?


Spellwork and alternative methods are not meant to take the place of traditional medicine or medical care. These techniques can, however, augment medical treatment by taking advantage of pathways of Energy that science sometimes misses. When you or someone you love is suffering, any amount that you can alleviate is worth looking into.

Medical establishments are required to respect belief systems, therefore if one wishes to add healing items or individuals to a healthcare regime, these establishments should accept it. Without the body, the mind and soul cease to exist, meaning most professionals will encourage the use alternative methods to help in the progression of one’s healing.

Before there were doctors, people went to their local witch for ways to heal. Some alternative methods once used can aid in today’s world of modern medicine, the most commonly still practiced are:

Auric Healing

  • This consists of changing the colors surrounding an ill person by visualizing a specific healing color relevant to their ailment by essentially harmonizing their Aura around the head and body.
  • The Get Well Soon Combo Spell can help by customizing and combining the Aura Cleansing, the Mending Spell, and the Uplift The Soul Spell to restore the Auric balance of you or a loved one to help them on their journey to recovery.

Pranic Healing

  • Is the laying of hands or no-touch healing; this occurs when a healers hands are inches away from the target area. Prana is sent from a healers specific body part to the ailments in the receiver's same body part such as a knee to knee or a kidney to kidney.
  • Recovery Assist Spell is another way to augment the recovery phase. This Spell will promote mending and will help one get better and stronger.

Absent Healing

  • A Person does not have to be physically present to receive healing Energy. The Energy works through the healer channeling the Energy and sent to the being of the person needing to receive it.
  • The Wiccan Health Spell can help provide additional Energy to the modern care being received. Health is incredibly important and all avenues are worth exploring.

Color Healing

  • Each color carries its own Energies and properties which possess specific vibrations that are related to different physical symptoms in the human body. To stimulate certain areas use the red end of the color spectrum, however, to calm specific areas, use the blue end of the spectrum.
  • The Health Preserver Candle Spell works by combining Spellwork with candles in the color of a specific ailment, this Spell will help provide the boost of positive Energy needed to improve current health restrictions.

Gem Therapy

  • You can use the unique Energy contained within crystals and stones which also carry certain vibrations and when placed within an Aura or on a specific body part can have an effect of changing it.
  • Create a personal gem therapy healing necklace with the following:


  1. 3, 3 feet long blue pieces of string, yarn or cord
  2. A bead of a healing Gemstone or Crystal


  1. Sit facing the East and create a braid with the three pieces of material
  2. While braiding, recite the following while infusing your intent into your necklace, repeat until you come to the end of your material:
  3. "Infuse these pieces and send healing power. So in turn they grow with every hour."
  4. Once you have reached the end, recite
  5. "This is my will released from me"
  6. Attach the beaded stone or crystal
  7. Wear the necklace or gift it to the person in need

Always remember two important factors: always consult your health practitioner first before changing anything regarding your health or the health of one you care for; and your health and safety is important also. Do not over exert yourself as healing is very taxing on the body.