Have you ever been to a séance? As we had learned previously, séances have lost their validity over the years due to confidence artists arranging hoaxes to appear as if there was a supernatural happening during the séance. Though this caused many individuals to believe that indeed all existence was only in our physical realm, many faiths including Wicca, Spiritualists, and Native American religions hold that there are forms in alternate realms of the Universe that are able to communicate with us. We call these transcendental beings Spirit Guides.

To be frank, though some would disagree, even Christianity has a place for Spirit Guides in its theology. The idea of a Guardian Angel, who travels between Heaven and Earth for a given purpose, often to protect human beings, encompasses the notion of Spirit Guides. Native Americans often refer to the Spirit Guides as Totems. Some Wiccans and Spiritualists refer to Spirit Guides as Natural Guides. Whatever label is given to them, all of these faiths that do believe in Spirit Guides concur that animism, or the idea that every living entity has a soul, and once passed is able to transcend the realms, entering our Planet at will.

Those who believe in Spirit Guides usually hold that these transcendental entities do not need to have been human in their lifetime on Earth. It could be a plant, an animal, even a cell. Nonetheless, this could infer the ghost of an ancestor as well. When a living creature has passed from this world, it is said that they have entered an alternate realm. Perhaps this realm is a paradise, where most of these entities prefer to stay. However, some may have motives for returning to our realm, or at least existing between the realms so as to give us the ability to reach them in one manner or another. As in the name itself, they do so to guide us and help us with a mission that we might have here on Earth. Please note that this is a true belief that many have, and it is not the Hollywood notion of a murdered man’s ghost returning to murder his murderer, nor to watch over a loved one. The mission is said to be given by a higher power than the entity, perhaps the Divine, and is all part of the greater plan of the Universe.

So how does one contact a Spirit Guide? Usually one is contacted by a Spirit Guide if their paths are meant to cross. There is, however, an alternate manner in contacted a Guide that takes great experience, concentration, and will power. Wiccans, Spiritualists, and other groups alike refer to this as Astral Projection. It is perhaps the most difficult task to which an individual can challenge themselves. It is also not an easy task to define this term. Essentially, it begins with intense visualization exercises, which trains your focus. With great practice and concentration upon the goal at hand, these exercises become very difficult, causing great strain upon the mind. The ultimate goal is to train your brain to exit this realm, and exist in an alternate realm. It is here, between the realms, where an individual meets their Spirit Guide halfway. The success rate for Astral Projection is very low, and some hold that only those who are meant to meet their Spirit Guide can achieve this goal.

Furthermore, you might have heard of individuals having visions either in a state of great mental focus, or during a lucid dream. There is an ongoing debate as to whether this can be considered a parallel state to Astral Projection, or whether it is just a complex creation of the brain. I believe that this debate shall go on for much longer. This was a very basic introduction. Is there anything that you would like to know about Spirit Guides? If so, please do not hesitate to ask.