Spring EquinoxThe Spring Equinox is an event that is rightly respected throughout the Magickal world.

It marks a point of balance, when the planet tips back towards the Sun. In the northern hemisphere, we long associate this event with a return towards summer and the good times of plenty. Once the equinox arrives, you know that winter is officially history!

We can look forward to the sunny months ahead, but we can also take advantage of the special Magickal opening that this event provides. It is a unique opportunity for Spell-casting.

To use the power of the Spring Equinox, we must first understand what occurs on this day.

Those of us that live in the northern hemisphere have been experiencing winter. This is because the planet’s northern hemisphere itself is tilted away from the sun, while the southern hemisphere is tilted closer. It is this ‘wobble’ in the action of the Earth orbiting the sun that gives us our seasons. It is one of those delightful quirks that helps make our world so special.

The equinox occurs when the ‘wobble’ rights itself. On this date, the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth are in perfect balance, and neither is closer to the sun than the other. It is exactly equal. The great forces that govern our planet present us with this moment and it sparks contemplation amongst those schooled in the Craft.

Many state that they feel a great calming and balanced influence on this date. With the forces of the entire planet now in alignment, the often wild currents of Magick that flow around us are steadied and calmed. It is a point time when Spell casting can be done with great effect, as this ‘background’ distraction has been removed.

Have you ever tried working on something difficult while there is loud construction work in the background? Or while several people are asking you questions? It can be very difficult. That’s why this beautiful moment of calm in our planet’s balance is so useful to Spell casters. It removes the distraction and instead allows us to concentrate in an atmosphere of calm and peace.

There is a special ‘charge’ to the change however, that we can also take advantage of. With summer returning, there is an undercurrent of special energy in the air. Wiccan Magick can take particular advantage of this, being as it is an art that is based very much on the influence of the Earth.

Traditionally, many events and celebrations take place around the spring equinox. The Christian festival of Easter is calculated to occur on the first Sunday after the equinox – and is one of the biggest celebrations of the year.

Older Pagan traditions recognise the power of this date. In ancient Latvia, it was especially important. Families would feast and wash themselves in running water to remove any remaining hints of the winter that has past.

Spring EquinoxIn the Central American civilization of the Mayan people, their impressive temples were built with this equinox in mind. Perhaps the most amazing of all their stone temples, the Chichen Itza, produces an amazing lighting effect called the ‘Descent of the Snake’, when a special, serpent-like pattern of shadows appears only this one day of the year.

This was rumoured to be in tribute to Kukulkan, the feathered serpent god of those ancient peoples.

Many Wiccan and Magickal groups take the time on this date to celebrate the occurrence of the equinox with dancing and revelry. It is a special date that is important to take note of in terms of the position and health of the world around us.

What are your thoughts on the Spring Equinox? Do you celebrate it in your own way? Have you ever felt a special sense of peace on this day? I would love to hear your ideas and experiences in relation to this. Please feel free to contact us via our Facebook Page so we can continue the discussion.

My blessings upon you,

J. Roslyn Antle
High Priestess, The 7witches Coven