As the chaos of the holidays gradually wind down and everyone settles into their routines again, it is not uncommon for the slow cold grasp of the winter blues, to begin to slowly tighten around some, this is how WintertimeWorries, one of our treasured readers felt leaving the past behind and welcoming the New Year.

Dear 7witches,

Without fail every year the month of January becomes almost unbearable. I no longer have shopping, planning and wrapping to do. The kids go back to school and I have to return to work and deal with all the stress and dream of when I can take my next holiday. I know I should be excited and attacking my resolutions for the year, but i cant seem to get the strength to do anything. Do you have any spells, rituals or suggestions to get me through the darkest month of the year?

-- WintertimeWorries

Seasonal frustrations can alter one’s perception of the worth of others and their own self-worth, which can lead to the neglect of many aspects of life. The Mind, Body and Spirit are all intertwined and related to one another, hence the need to take care of all three simultaneously to overcome this hurdle while remaining happy. While some practices will resonate well with some not all will, as humans, it is our nature to be different from others, choose what works for you, always.

  • Align and follow the Wheel of the Year
  • Allow yourself to be in tune with the shifting turn of the Wheel and let the flow of the seasons move through you, to ease you into a new season time and again.

  • Self care is highly recommended. You must nourish yourself to move happily forward
  • Meditate: Our lives get busy and we miss the opportunity to meditate and reflect on our world and lives. However, each day there should be a time carved out to destress.

    • Find a quiet place
    • Have a focus
    • Choose a technique
    • Be grateful
  • Reconnect with life’s simple pleasures
    • Nature: inhale the fresh air and allow your body to absorb the sunlight
    • Cooking: feed your body and soul consistently
    • Exercise: allow your blood to move and the stress will slowly dissipate
    • Hobbies: you owe it to yourself to partake in something that will bring you joy
    • Support: surround yourself with others to talk, laugh and unwind
  • Allow us to help guide you
  • Leave the many things weighing you down and clouding your mind in the past with the Powerful Purifier Candle Spell. Candle Magick will use the Magickal properties of fire and purge you from your darkest hours and leave your Mind, Body and Soul purified and ready for the new year and new you.