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Imbued Items

Our Imbued Items are a perfect means that could bring the Magick of the 7witches Coven into your ever day life.

This range of Charms, Amulets, Talisman and Jewelry has been specially Blessed and Imbued with the energy of the Coven. Each item has the power to emit and radiate a certain power to those around it.

This is an ever-growing and popular collection. You can order a piece and could see the effect it can have on your day-to-day life soon after wearing these items. You can also order one with a Spell and request our specific Spellwork with the power of the item.

Charms, wards and items of power are all available, providing luck, protection, and all the ingredients that could result in a happier life. 
Blessed Clover of Luck
The Hamsa Hand of Defense
Pendant of Lunar Energy
Sands of Time
Moonlight Faery Talisman
Bell of Warding
Good Luck Dragon Coin Bracelet
Quartz Lovelight Talisman
Aphrodite's Heart
Wheel of Life Necklace
Scrying Pendant of Midnight
Charmed Talisman of Samhain
Guidance of the Zodiac Pendant