Casters around the globe use various techniques and well-kept secrets to enhance their Magick, Spellwork and to aid in ordinary daily tasks. One common practice is the use of colors. CuriousAboutColors came to us recently seeking advice about just that.

Dear 7witches,

Awhile back there were articles you did about how I could change my attitude and actions to help my spells manifest then there was the one on how to use herbs . I was told recently that colored candles can help too. So I guess my questions are how do I know what colors to use? When to use them? Is there anything else you can share with me?


Colored candles are not the only way to incorporate the Magickal properties of color into daily life. Each color carries its own Energies and properties. They can change one's mood, assist in healing and of course, can help the Manifestation of one's Spellwork. You can use other items such as clothing, home décor, altar cloths, trinkets and Imbued Items in the colors associated with your purpose. Envisioning the color of your desire while meditating or using ink in the color of your intent can help harness Energy and aid in attaining your ultimate goal.

The most commonly used colors and their Magickal properties are the following:

Absorbing negative energy, banishing and binding

Change, honesty, honor, peace and protection

Animals, concentration, endurance, justice and stability

Confidence, strength, success and vitality

Career opportunities, fertility, healing, jealousy, luck and prosperity

Courage, energy, friendship and new opportunities

Affection, compassion, harmony and romance 

Growth, inspiration, self-esteem, and business success 

Energy, intimacy, love, lust, passion and sexuality 

Balance, cleansing, healing, peace and protection 

creativity, educational success, happiness and intelligence