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Ancient Vampyre Spells

The image of the Vampyre has struck fear into hearts for centuries. Now, the power of Vampyre Magick is something that you can use to your own advantage.

Our understanding of Vampyres has always been distorted and shrouded by legend. We know that in the secretive gypsy communities of medieval Romania, that use of the Craft by individuals who became known as Vampyres began. The actual Magick itself is truly ancient - possibly thousands of years old.

While some would use these powers to destructive and evil ends, the majority channeled their power to form positive and protective Spells. We know of the modern practice of psychic vampirism is a lasting link to this form of Magick - and the image of the Vampyre is a mix of both myth and truth.

Our very own Master Witch Lynda Stratton has dedicated years to the study of Ancient Vampyre Spells in order to use their power for good, and for you.

Lynda has spent the majority of her life perfecting the art of these Ancient Vampyre Spells. She is able to use this range of Spells in a diverse range of ways. She has painstakingly hunted down, collected and studied the ancient Vampyre texts in order to perfect her understanding of these ancient powers. She is experienced in their use.

There's a reason why the word 'Vampyre' still has such power today. This is a type of Magick that is remarkably powerful. These Spells will burn brightly and with the strength that you could achieve your goals.
Vampyre's Red Cell Booster Spell
Vampyre's Terminate Negativity Spell
Vampyre's Bloody Lucky Spell
Vampyre's Sink Your Teeth In It Spell
Vampyre's Eternal Love Spell
Vampyre's Return To Your Arms Spell
Vampyre's Couple Breaker Spell
Vampyre's Bloodcurdling Spell
Vampyre's Blameless Spell
Vampyre's In Tune With The Night Spell
Vampyre's Ward Against Harm Spell
Custom Vampyre Spell