All the true planets experience Retrograde periods, but what exactly does that mean? When a planet is in Retrograde the Energy it carries, causes Earth’s Energy to go into chaos. From Earth the planets appear to move backward, however, this is an illusion as our planet is also moving forward; because of the unpredictability it also sends Earth’s inhabitants into a frenzy, many people like Ready4Retrograde, want to be safe rather than sorry.

Dear 7 Witches,

Merry meet! I used to struggle each mercury phase from different problems that arise and since preparing myself with your help, I am now more in touch with the other planets and their astrological movements. I am curious if I should be avoiding anything or doing something different during this retrograde season of venus. I am always open to suggestions.

Merry part!


We cannot tell you how to live your lives, however, we can tell you what you should avoid during this unpredictable time. We have listed the top 5 things you should try and avert from during this Venus Retrograde, this will hopefully allow you to get through it mostly unharmed and with all your sanity intact.

1. Do Not Invest
Venus controls money and without notice, can change your financial stability in an instant. This is the time to steer clear of investing. Instead, review and secure your finances in the off chance a financial storm is headed your way. You can help keep yourself or family afloat with our Luck and Money Spells

2. Do Not Start or End a Relationship
Focus on mending the bonds of the relationships you are currently tethered to, whatever the relationship may be. Shift your priorities from the bustling of everyday life and focus your energy on your partner, friend, or child to improve and restore the karmic balance of your relationships. Our Love Spells can help fortify those strings.

3. Do Not Sign a Contract
Unless no other arrangements can be made. Signing any contract can have adverse effects whether it is marriage, a new job, project or commitment. Venus blinds you by driving you by lust and desire and will cause you to make impulsive decisions without thought. Use the assistance of the Uncloud Your Path Combo Spell, to allow your truest needs to come forth.

4. Do Not Enhance Your Physical Beauty
This is time best used for internal growth, to become the best version of yourself. Develop a better understanding of who you really are and what you really want regarding hopes, dreams, and needs for the future. It is a time for soul-searching, spiritual growth and allowing your light to shine without barriers. The Complete Aura Makeover Combo Spell can help you put forth your best self.

5. Do Not Allow Chaos to Disrupt Your Harmony and Peace
Things go awry, plans fall through, misunderstandings happen, things malfunction and panic sets in; some blame bad luck, others blame Retrograde. Whatever the do not allow yourself to be caught off guard and allow chaos to wreak havoc on your sanity and life, protect yourself from unplanned outside forces with The High Priestess' Ultimate Protection Spell.

Proceed with caution during next few weeks, the Energies Venus will bring with her will test your emotions and sanity, as she will bring new awakenings that could make you either long for its completion or make you yearn for the next Venus Retrograde.