VIRGO - August 23rd - September 22nd

Virgo Zodiac Symbol: The Virgin

Virgo Daily Horoscopes Free"She has a tongue which charms, a mastery of words, and not so much wealth as the impulse to investigate the causes and effects of things." (Manilius, 1st Century)

The true origins of the name are unknown, but Virgo has most often been associated with the symbol of a virgin, or specifically the Virgin Mary. As the sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo is known not only as the god of fertility, but of agriculture too, as its sign falls in harvest time.

Astrological Element: Earth

Linking a star sign to an element occurs mainly in Western astrology, with Virgo being an Earth sign. Earth is also a strong indicator of stability and grounding in a star sign. Another buzzword associated with Earth signs is 'physical', which refers to their nature and a need for physical security. They share a need for security with water signs, but these signs seek it on an emotional level.

Star-Stone: Sardonyx

Sardonyx is a member of the quartz family which comes in a wide variety of colors. There has been little written about its properties in relation to the zodiac, but those that believe in crystals as an aid for well being use and sell Sardonyx. It is known in these circles to increase stamina and self confidence, and thus giving the wearer an optimistic view of life.

Virgo Characteristics:

A Virgo likes routine, which enables them to be practical and industrious workers. They are also very good at absorbing information. On a personal level, Virgo's are at their happiest when looking out for other people.

Virgo's can also be mistaken for introverts, as they are very shy and modest, partly due to an awareness of their own short-comings. Although modesty is a known aphrodisiac, few Virgo's will react to any love interest without some self doubt.

The negative side to their character can also find them too conservative, and weighed down by the details of a project.

Compatibility With Virgo:

For centuries the zodiac elements have been used to describe basic personality traits in human nature, and this can be quite accurate in predicting which star signs will be most compatible. Virgo's are known for their dependable natures and it's this trait they look for in others.

They will find this in the other earth signs, (Taurus and Capricorn). The water signs of Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer are also compatible with earth signs. The nature of earth signs means they are often 'guiding' water signs towards achieving their goals, while in turn, water signs can help mold or release emotions in an earth sign.