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Custom Vodou Spell

Custom Vodou Spell
Just for you.

Just a few examples of situations where the Custom Vodou Spell can help:
  • You have looked at all of our other Vodou Spells, and none suit your specific situation.
  • You know that your scenario requires personalized attention.
  • The delicate and even strange circumstances of your problem call for an imaginative solution.
While we try to consider every situation that one might need a Magickal solution for, there are inevitably scenarios that even the most prescient Magick user cannot anticipate. For this reason, we look forward to the opportunity to create custom Crafted Spells for your specific needs.

Simply give Bokor Jean-Baptiste Sylvestre the specifics of your problem - he has a long history of rolling up his sleeves to engineer unheard of Magickal answers for our customers. Allow him to create a Custom Vodou Spell for you.

Custom Voodoo Spell
5 Stars
Rest His Soul
Out beloved pet dog was tortured to death by truly evil Magickal practitioners and his soul trapped in other realms to further use as a means to continue attacking our family. Jean-Baptiste Customised this Spell to free the dog''s soul. A very vivid dream occurred shortly after this Spell was Cast which confirmed that our dog is now in a much happier place.
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Reviewed by:  from Wimbledon. on 6/14/2013
5 Stars
Darkness lifted!
I had a custom spell done for me because I felt like I was drowning in negativity and darkness and I did not know where it was coming from. Not even two weeks had passed since the casting of my Spell and I realized where the negativity was coming from. I realized I was being manipulated and was in a toxic relationship. It was if the veil had been lifted from me and I could see him for what he really was. Within a week I had gathered the strength, that I know also came from the spell, to get this man out of my house. Within one day of him being gone even the air in my home felt lighter. I am seeing things clearer now, I am happier now, I do don't feel like I am being dragged down the rabbit hole so to speak. My sincerest thanks to Jean-Baptiste Sylvestre for the wonderful change you have brought to my life and the peace of mind you have brought to me! Many Blessing to you and my deepest thank you!
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Reviewed by:  from Minneapolis, MN. on 10/25/2014
5 Stars
I was desperate for help. My head was spinning and I did not know what else to do. I had ordered 2 previous spells before requesting Jean Baptise's help. The other 2 spells were slowly working but with his help and the custom voodoo spell the progress of my situation seemed to speed up. I am still seeing the results from all 3 spells come to fruition. It takes time, patience and a positive mind and attitude!
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Reviewed by:  from America. on 10/15/2014
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