For those seeking to gain a better understanding of their own life, you need only to turn to your dreams. Dreams, essentially, can serve as a window to your psyche, and dream interpretation can reveal many things about not just your past and present, but quite possibly your future as well.

Dreams are an untapped resource of information, but to truly understand your dreams, you must turn to someone who possesses a solid foundation of dream interpretation. Of course, there are many books available that promise to accurately help you interpret and understand your dreams, as well as numerous Internet resources designed to help you gain a better insight into your dreams as well.  Without the guidance of someone skilled in dream interpretation, it is too easy to incorrectly determine the meaning of your dreams.

Most books and other resources typically contain a large index of items, names, colors, images, etc., with a meaning attributed to each one. But dream interpretation is much more comprehensive than simply assigning a meaning to one or two specific elements.

The true art of dream interpretation involves deciphering the meanings of all the combined elements of your dream and their relationship to each other. Consider each element of your dream as one piece of a puzzle, or perhaps a single page of a book. Each separate page offers you a glimpse at a much larger story. An accurate dream interpretation will assemble all the pages of that book in their proper order and reveal the full story.

Many ancient societies considered dreams powerful omens, or glimpses into a spirit world, and individuals sought the knowledge of wise men to help them understand their dreams. Many cultures today still place a high importance on dreams. Dreams are consistently studied by psychologists and other specialists seeking a better understanding of why we dream and what our dreams mean.

Just as each dream is unique, the meanings of dreams are also unique to each individual. For example, two people may dream of flying over a vast city, but since dreams are often drawn from an individuals own life experiences, the dreams may have different meanings for each individual.

A key aspect of dream interpretation is determining the symbolism of specific aspects within our dreams. Because dreams are related to an individuals own unique life experience, this can be a difficult process. A book may provide a small basis of understanding of a dream, however, because it cannot accurately provide an in-depth analysis relative to a specific individual, the true interpretation of a dream may be lost.

Noted psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both possessed their own theories regarding dreams, as do many other respected specialists. But much of modern society has moved beyond the constrictions of specific theories delegated to all dreams, instead believing that dreams offer us much, much more.

Recurring dreams may be especially important, as they are likely related to an intense life experience or contain a deep-rooted meaning. Of course, not all dreams are positive dreams, but dreams that leave us feeling negative, frightened, or drained of energy also have their own meanings. Gaining an ultimate understanding of these dreams may help to purge an individual of negative thoughts or emotions that affect their daily lives.