In our Coven, we define Witches as any individual drawn towards the Craft. Even you as readers and those drawn to the benefits of Spellwork, are Witches. However, those who are new to the Craft, will fall under specific types of practitioners.

In this two part series you will uncover the 7 main types of witches, continue reading to find out where you belong.

Traditional Witch

As the name denotes, the Traditional Witch is one who is very oriented towards the study of historical practices. Due to their great value for history and the ways of the Ancient, the Traditional Witch is the most studious and dedicated to a life long practice for the Craft. They will create their own Grimoires and staunchly follow the ways of the Wiccan Rede. They will also certainly be a part of a Coven of likeminded practitioners and will be strongly rooted in the Magickal community.

To be a Traditional Witch is an active choice, you chose to commit to the task of the Craft. To succeed as a Traditional Witch you must be highly organized, methodical, studious and never shy away from hard work. You have always been drawn to a higher calling and you are committed to the task of maintaining the teachings of the old ways to help humanity.

Hereditary Witch

As its namesake suggests, this type of Witch draws much of their energy from their heritage and familial connections. Many popular traditions and customs have been passed on through generations, and the same can be said with Witchcraft. Hereditary Witches are noted to have Grimoires full of Rituals passed down from their family. This is the essence of being a Hereditary Witch, as the family unit is the Coven.

You know you are a Hereditary Witch, if you gained many of your current beliefs and affiliations from your family. As a Hereditary Witch, you can recharge your powers by continuing to nurture your relationships and prioritizing your ancestry. Secure your connection with your heritage and you will grow to your full potential as a confident, self-assured, honest practitioner who maintains the standards of your elders.

Eclectic Witch

The Eclectic Witch can often be referred to as the Rebel of the Craft. This type of Witch is known for truly going their own way as they like to dabble in a little of everything; all to create their own personal form of Witchcraft. They are sometimes seen as outsiders as they do not follow any rules. You will never meet two of the same Eclectic Witches.

You know you are an Eclectic Witch when you have fierce sense of independence and are not afraid of being a Solitary Practitioner. You consider yourself a free-thinker, highly adaptable, strongly intuitive, open-minded and non-conforming. To grow as an Eclectic Witch you must follow continue to learn from others but only follow what works best for you.

Stay tuned as next week we will uncover the remaining 4 types of Witches.