There are many more types of Witches around the world; however we could be here for eons if we explored them all. I wanted to share with you the most common types of Witches who have crossed my path at one time or another.

Last week we explored the first three types of Witches: Traditional, Hereditary and Eclectic, in Part II you will uncover the remaining four.

Kitchen Witch

There is great power in the nurturing capabilities of food made lovingly in the kitchen. The Kitchen Witch knows this and has dedicated themselves to the Craft of cooking, baking and tending to the nutritional needs of their loved ones.They hold great knowledge on the different effects of spices, food groups and the art of balancing tastes. To understand the Magick of the Kitchen Witch, picture the scent of wholesome goodness filling the air, or the sound of gurgling coming from the stove. The Kitchen Witch brings a bit of Magick into normal everyday life as the home is their sanctuary.

You know you are a Kitchen Witch when your first thought is to bake a hearty casserole for a friend in need. If the thought of getting new kitchen tools and finding the perfect vegetable for a recipe makes you grin, then you are certainly a Kitchen Witch.You can grow your powers as a Kitchen Witch by continuing to practice your Craft through reading new recipe books and taking new cooking classes.

Hedge Witch

The Hedge Witch is often the rarest type of all. A Hedge Witch is known for their ability to walk the line between all worlds. This is why the word Hedge is important, as a hedge often separates the boundaries of two worlds. The Hedge Witch studies a mix of Shamanism, Herbalism, Nature, and Healing. They do not master one skill over another; they would rather be well skilled in all areas. Yet, they are also known for their strong sensitivity to Spirits and their abilities to communicate with the dead.

You know you are a Hedge Witch if you are often described as an “old soul” and are wise, respected, protective and helpful yet feared. Another sign you are a Hedge Witch is if you prefer to rest along city-country borders to share in both worlds, allowing you time to be alone or socialize in a group. You may grow your talents as a Hedge Witch by remaining strongly connected to your Ancestors and your loved ones who have passed to the other side.

Green Witch

The Green Witch equates being one with nature. Green Witches are aware of how the energy of nature flows through every aspect of life. They work with natural objects like the elements, herbs, gems and stones. Fae and Animals are also incorporated into their belief systems. It is the practice of Witchcraft in its natural form. Drawing natural energies from the Earth for medicinal and Magickal properties. Green Witches each have an innate green thumb.

You know you are a Green Witch when you have always been drawn to the study of botany and prefer to live close to the forest. You tend to a garden and are very likely to allow weeds to grow freely. You may also greatly enjoy eating vegetables and are eager to gain nature’s minerals. As a Green Witch you can recharge your powers by spending as much time as possible in nature and tending to the earth.

Sea Witch

The Sea Witch is known for their strong affinity and often proximity to the element of Water. Like water, a Sea Witch’s nature can be soothing, serene and calm. However, their moods can quickly change just as the tides. Since water can find itself in the most unpredictable places you will find that the Sea Witch will do the same. Yet, at the same time the Sea With can be like a mirror, mimicking your actions. If you treat a Sea Witch with kindness, they will do the same. Flexibility of beliefs is a major factor to a Sea Witch’s Craft; as no obstacle is too great to pass through - they see every ripple before it is even made.

You know you are a Sea Witch if you have always been drawn to creeks, rain, oceans, even fountains. You thrive in water based activities, like swimming, fishing and sailing. Another sign is if you have always planned your vacations around heading to the beach, just so your toes can be submerged in the cool freshness of water. You can grow your powers as a Sea Witch by dedicating yourself to helping others while keeping your mind open to all sides of a story before forming an opinion.

Find where your strengths and weakness lie, as long as you are willing to harm none and help humanity, your Magick will always be at its most powerful.