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Wiccan Karma Cleansing

Wiccan Karma Cleansing
So fresh, so clean.

Just a few examples of situations where the Wiccan Karma Cleansing Spell can help:
  • You have somehow diminished your Karma.
  • You want to refresh your Karmic tab, and restore your Karmic Balance.
  • You need a cleanse, or you know someone who needs a cleanse. 
NOTE: This Spell can also be used to help someone you care about.

No matter how good a life you try to lead, it is almost impossible to go through life without doing some bad or harm to someone, somewhere. Intentional or not, you will accumulate bad Karma, and it will hold you back from fulfilling your true potential.

Do not let the pressures of bad Karma affect you - Monique can help you get past the barriers set by negative Karma with a Wiccan Karma Cleansing. While Karma may never forget what has happened, Karma does allow forgiveness for your actions. So, kick the "my future is just doom and gloom" thoughts to the curb and let our Wiccan Witch brighten your Karma!

Again, don't let accidental, incidental wrong doings reflect poorly on your Karma. Also, this Spell works great in case you did something on purpose, as well. Hey, none of us are perfect, but the Wiccan Karma Cleansing can get you closer to perfect Karmic balance. 

Wiccan Karma Cleansing
5 Stars
Wiccan Karma Cleansing
I have used the Seven witches before as I know what they do is true and genuine and I can feel the difference already. I truly believe if you need an issue addressed then here is where you need to start. I have never been let down.
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Reviewed by:  from North Little Rock. on 12/31/2013
5 Stars
Life Is Changing
This is an amazing spell. Before the spell, it was like everything was going wrong, and I was feeling like things that I had done in the past whether intentional or not, was coming back to haunt me. But now positive things are starting to happen in my life, and I am starting to feel better about myself. Thank you so much for your time and help. I truly believe in your spells, and I know that if I stay positive I will see more positive results.
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Reviewed by:  from Grand Blanc. on 5/5/2014
4 Stars
Wiccan karma cleansing
This spell definetly helped kick the myriad of other spells into action I truly believe. Because I ordered so many different ones its hard to say which worked and which didnt (yet) but about one week after this combined with the awesome autumn equinox ritual my others took effect. Finally my June reconcilliation spell and July coven cast spell worked! It''s got to be from the enhanced karma cleansing. Look for my other reviews on these two soon.
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Reviewed by:  from Snoqualmie. on 10/10/2013
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