Cormac AmuletCormac O'Dwyer's Amulet (shown here) is a very powerful talisman that can be added on to any Spell cast by Cormac O'Dwyer.

Behind every carefully worded Spell or Magickal formula there is a scholar. Throughout history there have been numerous individuals who committed their lives to the study of the arcane. Cormac O'Dwyer is keeping the legacy of these enlightened ones alive in his role with the 7witches Coven.

Cormac O'Dwyer is of Irish ancestry. Despite a cultural heritage rich in myth and Magick, Cormac was largely self-taught through hours of personal study. A natural academic, he developed a fondness for scholarly work at a very young age which remains to the present day. The other members of the 7witches Coven often seek Cormac's assistance in matters which require diligent research.

His position in the 7witches Coven was gained after High Priestess J. Roslyn Antle encountered some difficulty in translating an old Latin text. A confidante recommended that she contact Cormac for assistance. High Priestess Antle immediately recognized Cormac's potential and began to help him with the practical application of his immense knowledge. Under the personal tutelage of the High Priestess, Cormac rapidly progressed through the levels of Initiation.

Because of his vast knowledge, Cormac has developed a keen ability to combine various Spells for maximum effect. Many hours of trial and error have enabled him to understand how certain Spells can be coupled for dramatic results. These powerful Spells, referred to as Combo or Dual Spells, are among the most requested by those who seek the assistance of the 7witches Coven.

Cormac O'Dwyer is also the de-facto librarian for the Coven. He maintains the Coven's vast archives and collection of rare texts. His own personal library numbers over 1,000 volumes and contains books which bear the handwritten annotations of Sir Edward Kelly and other notable occultists.

In addition to offering all the Spells in our Standard Spells section, Cormac O'Dwyer specializes in Combo Spells, which you can find here.