Friday the 13th Spell

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Friday the 13th: Embrace the Positive, Combat the Negative

On this extraordinary Friday the 13th, we invite you to step into a realm of dual Rituals, offering you the means to conquer negativity and embrace positivity. In a world where fear can sometimes hold us back, it is crucial to safeguard both your physical and spiritual well-being. On this unique day, we present not one but two potent Rituals.

The first Ritual draws from an ancient Friday the 13th Spell, meticulously modified and enhanced to effectively dispel the superstitions surrounding the 13th. This sacred ceremony is a dedicated homage to Frigga, gifting you the benefits of an Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Karma Realignment, Banishment of Negativity, and the creation of a protective sphere brimming with positive energy.

For those who recognize this day as an opportunity to celebrate and honor the Spiritual realm, we offer the Friday the 13th Positive Power Spell. This extraordinary date aligns with the potent forces of Magick, and our Coven stands ready to harness and channel this energy into your life. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to unlock good fortune and wholeheartedly embrace life's endless possibilities.

Join us on
Friday, October the 13th, and let the potent Magick of this day flow abundantly.

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