Eugenie LaCroix's AmuletEugénie LaCroix's Amulet (shown here) is a very powerful talisman that can be added on to any Spell cast by Eugénie LaCroix.

Eugénie LaCroix was raised as a Christian in Chicoutimi, a small Canadian town. In her teenage years she discovered that she had a natural gift for divination. As one might expect, Eugénie faced the difficult task of reconciling her skills with her Christian beliefs. The result was that Eugénie developed a keen appreciation of the mystical elements of Christianity and came to realize that the universe held far deeper mysteries to explore.

An expert Tarot reader Eugénie is often called upon to offer insight into important Coven decisions. She also contributes her abilities as a medium to the 7witches Coven. Eugénie has the ability to enter a trance-like state which facilitates her communication with various entities on other planes of existence. She is able to establish beneficial communication with those who have passed beyond our mortal realm. Eugénie can also use her skill to communicate with angelic beings and, on very rare occasions, demonic entities. These abilities lend an added dimension to Eugénie's Spellcasting power.

For all of her experience and proficiency as a practicing Witch, it is Eugénie's work as an astrologer and numerologist that has come to truly define her role as a member of the 7witches Coven. She strictly adheres to a policy of confidentiality due to the high-profile nature of many of those who turn to her for help.