Monique AmuletMonique Hargrove's Amulet (shown here) is a very powerful talisman that can be added on to any Spell cast by Monique Hargrove.

Monique Hargrove is a self-described Urban Witch. As a teenager in Los Angeles, the fun-loving Monique discovered Wicca and found a path of spirituality that perfectly suited her peaceful, starry-eyed personality.

She spent much time researching the history and principles of Wicca before a close friend suggested she contact High Priestess J. Roslyn Antle. After many emails passed between the two, High Priestess Antle offered to personally teach Monique the deeper philosophies of Witchcraft. After the time-honored period of a year and a day, Monique was given full initiation into the 7witches Coven.

There was never any doubt that Monique would become a specialist of love and healing Spells. She has a very tender spirit and is truly touched by the suffering of others. Monique spends countless hours developing the Spells that will best help those who are truly in need. Her Wiccan background has instilled in her a strong commitment to the Rede, and Monique takes great care to be certain that she only brings love and happiness into the world through her Magick.

Energetic and at times irreverent, Monique is known for her wicked sense of humor and the ability to make others smile.

In addition to offering all the Spells in our Standard Spells section, Monique Hargrove specializes in Wiccan Spells, which you can find here.