Vivianne Amulet

Vivianne Attor grew up on a small farm in Iowa. Her family led a very simple life, and self-reliance was stressed in the Attor household. Vivianne's mother made most of Vivianne's clothes by hand during her youth, and one of the first things she taught young Vivianne was how to sew. These evening sewing lessons also gave Vivianne's mother (a dedicated Pagan) the opportunity to share her own knowledge of Earth Magick and how to attune with Nature and the Wheel of The Year.

Arrangements were made shortly after Vivianne completed high school to send her for further study to High Priestess J. Roslyn Antle, a long-time friend of Vivianne's mother. The young Vivianne, fully expecting an immediate immersion into a formal study of Witchcraft, was promptly relegated to the position of seamstress for the Coven in order to earn her keep and learn the patience necessary for Initiation. Following the tradition of Vivianne's mother, High Priestess Antle used Vivianne's sewing to impart wisdom regarding the symbols and traditions of Paganism. The end result was a keen appreciation for symbolism and its importance in Magick.

Following her initial year-and-a-day apprenticeship, Vivianne was given the choice of returning home or staying on with the Coven for continued study. She gladly agreed to remain on the condition that she be allowed to delay her formal initiation and remain in apprenticeship a while longer. She continues to progress toward full Coven status.

Vivianne assists with the Online Spells Inner Sanctum as a part of her training. Her specialties, which continue to be developed, include Elemental Magick, the creation and blessing of Talismans and Amulets, and the Ogham alphabet. Many of the Magickal Items we provide were conceived or chosen by Vivianne Attor. Because of her experience in Earth Magick, Vivianne is very skilled at Spells which involve fertility and abundance.

To this day, Vivianne still sews the Coven's ritual garb. She is known to include elaborate, hidden symbols in each item she makes which reflect the specialties of each Coven member.