Spell MaintenanceLike just about everything else, Spellwork tends to fade over time. No matter how strong we Cast a Spell, and how much energy we put into it, time will inevitably take its toll. Don't believe anyone who tries to tell you that a Spell will be as strong 6 months from now as it is today - it simply will not be.

For this reason, once a week we perform a special Coven Ritual to strengthen and add positive energy to previous Spellwork. This 4-hour Group Ritual will greatly increase not only the scope and power of the Spellwork, but also its longevity.

This Spell Maintenance Ritual is for 3 Spells, with 1 Ritual performed per week per Spell, every Thursday until canceled. You can change or cancel your Spell Maintenance Ritual at any time in your store account.

Price: $19.77

Billed at $79.08 monthly

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