I understand that the word ‘occult’ means hidden, but surely that is not meant to be the final state of all this information, hidden forever.
~Alan Moore

Ouija boards (pronounced “Wee-jeh”) have long been shrouded in mystery. While debated by scientists as “mere ideometer functions”, they have yet to prove their claims. Seekers of hidden knowledge and practitioners of the occult know better: The Ouija, while just a board, can be made so much more. 

The origins of the Ouija can be traced back to Song Dynasty China, where mystics and sorcerers would use planchettes (a divination tool in the form of a heart-shaped piece of wood) to commune with the spirits of the dead. That planchette still exists in the modern Ouija board, and the connection between our world and the spirit realm is still very much in place. Despite the fact that Parker Brothers now has the monopoly on this “game”, the idea used to create it comes from centuries of use on similar boards.

In order for a Ouija to be used properly and safely, it is best to treat the experience like Spellcasting. Be respectful. Be kind. Keep positive. Negative energy and thoughts can invite harmful spirits through the veil and into your home. The skeptic energy of a non-believer can, likewise, repel the coming of benevolent and helpful spirits. The energy of someone who is physically ill can also draw malevolent spirits towards you, so be wary of your company when communicating with a Ouija Board.

Try cleansing your Ouija board before use. Burning sage or washing gently with rosewater is very helpful in cleansing the energy imbued in the board. While you gently roll the smoke or rosewater along the board, make sure you chant a good mantra, imbued with positive energy from your person. If you don’t know any good mantras, try simple, strong, and positive words. Example: “I cleanse this area of negativity. I clear the energy of people and things that do not belong in this household. I ask that the clearing be gentle, and that all these energies are returned to their sources.”

During the session itself, try to steer away from negative questions, or negatively imbued questions. Always seek the positivity, as the positive energy will continue to attract benign spirits. Be wary of negative emotions.

Remember to tell the spirits “Goodbye” at the end of your session. You do not want to leave this passageway open. You never know what kind of entities could stumble through your spiritual portal. 

When you’ve finished, it’s advisable to perform another cleansing, before wrapping the board and planchette in something made of silk. Then store it safely, where it will not be disturbed. 

Remember, tapping into the forces of the Occult can be highly dangerous, with severe negative repercussions if one goes about it disrespectfully, or without taking the proper precautions. Always remain positive. Always keep your heart open. Only then will the answers become clear to you.