Gemini Horoscope As we continue our series of horoscope pieces, we come to one of the best known of the Zodiac signs. Gemini is famous for being symbolized by a pair of twins, who look down upon the world from their positions high above. With Taurus to the west and Cancer to the east, they come to prominence just as summer really begins to get underway. For that reason alone, it is often one of the most beloved signs – not to mention that the occurrence of twins during birth was rumoured to be much more likely over this period.

The twin nature of this sign, with two parallel arcs of stars facing each other is very symbolic. Those who are born under the Gemini sign are ones who find peace when in the company of others more often than not. While they may well have a solitary side, there is a certain spark present among them that is easily observable.

The constellation itself is quite easily discernable with the naked eye. It has been observed since ancient times and unlike other constellations, is quite distinct.

Gemini ConstellationIt seems that Geminis are people who have a gift for networking. They often find themselves introducing friends to other friends, as well as getting out into the world and gobbling up new experiences. Chances are that you know a Gemini who is a voracious music fan, loves art or is deeply curious about spirituality. They have the natural ability to reach out and experience the world and the other beings who inhabit it.

There is a lot of discussion about the qualities of a Gemini in terms of a relationship. People born under this star tend to feel more complete when they’ve established a loving relationship. There are very few studies when it come the divorce and break-up characteristics of this sign, but it seems clear that Geminis know how to bond. There is a natural and beautiful part of their nature that is given to connecting with special people. However, this can backfire at times, such as when Geminis should really sever ties and just can’t bring themselves too.

All down through history, the unique and special nature of twins has been celebrated by cultures all around the world.

Collective: We call those people born under this sign Geminis.

A Positive Aspect: People born under Gemini are especially good at communicating. They often have a flair for conversation, but also in more unorthodox ways of communicating, such as design and music. They have a natural ability to simply to connect with others. There are few things that a Gemini prefers to do than communicate with others, whatever the medium. Of course this can manifest itself in various different ways – but eventually the inward ability to express comes to the surface. Few people can argue against this being a wonderfully creative aspect to the Gemini sign. Some of the most talented communicators I have met were Geminis. They really have a knack for it.

A Negative Aspect: This flair for communication can sometimes be a little one-way. An example: I had a Gemini friend who could paint the most beautiful pictures with words. She went on vacation and I felt like I was there with her, seeing and experiencing what she had done. However when it comes time to give back, something along the lines of a metal wall comes up. It’s not that Geminis can’t relate to other people, it’s just that they’re so active internally that sometimes they forget to take on board what others are expressing to them. You may have noticed this in your contact with Geminis in your own life. It is just part of what makes them what they are and it doesn’t define them as uncaring, but it is part of the Gemini nature.

Famous Geminis: Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Joan Collins, Che Guevara, Anne Frank.

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Blessed Be!
Eugenie Lacroix