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What is an Aura?

Aura Cleansing SpellThe Aura can be described as a field of energy that is present around each and every living being; human beings, animals, plants and few non-living objects. All the living beings living on earth have the tendency to pick up energy from other living creatures as well as from their surroundings.

There are many individuals who are able to see aura even in very little light. With practice you can observe you own Aura, as well as those around you. This will allow a shift in your understanding of how emotions, energy and the energetic fields work.

Once you start looking beyond the physical realm on a regular basis, you will be able to see and interpreting auras with greater accuracy. There are different colors that are associated with aura and given below are the colors of the auras and the explanations for each of them:

  • Blue
    The aura that is blue in color signifies many things like peaceful and truthful person. A person whose aura is blue in color is friendly, hopeful and he is also very good at talking with other people.
  • Black
    This color has always been associated with bad things and as such, if a person’s aura is black in color then he may be suffering from an illness or maybe under hex or curse. It is also believed that a person with a black aura is absorbing too much energy.
  • Brown
    This color has always been associated with nature and as such, people whose aura is brown in color have a deep connection with nature and they also love to be at home.
  • Grey
    The aura that is grey is color represents neutral energy. It is also means that the person is going to suffer from some health condition. It is also possible that the person with a grey aura maybe deflecting negative energy. This color may also mean that spirit or another person is trying to attack or possess the person with thus aura.
  • Gold
    The aura of this color signifies high yang energy. The person giving off this aura is attractive, powerful and full of self-confidence. People who give off this aura have the ability to enhance or increase anything that they want to. They are also very religious people.
  • Green
    All those people who give off a green aura have a deep connection with the nature. They are not just successful and financially well-off but they are also are very good beings. The yang energy from people with this aura is strong and they are also in a position to help themselves as well as other people rejuvenate.
  • Pink
    Those who have a pink aura are generally very friendly individuals and they are also very affectionate people. The have a powerful Yin energy and they are also high in moral.
  • Purple
    A person with an aura of this color are aware of the spirits around them and they are also able to connect to these spirits. They have strong psychic abilities and are quite religious. These people also have strong Yin energy.
  • White
    White has also been related to pureness and they are also closely connected to the angels or high spirits.
  • Yellow
    This is the color of self-confidence and persuasion. People who have an aura of this color are wise people with psychic powers.

Have you tried our Aura Cleansing Spell? What are your experiences with Auras? Have you ever been able to bring them into focus? Of course we would love to hear your thoughts and stories. You can either leave a comment below or share some stories on our Facebook Page.

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