WitchcraftPerhaps the most prominent misconception about Wicca or witchcraft is that a witch has to be either a practitioner of black magic or white magic. If you carry out research online, you will find that there are websites where the ‘white’ witches are willing to help you cast spells for a huge amount of money. People believe that a white witch is a good witch but a black witch is an evil one. On the other hand, what they tend to forget is that in witchcraft, there is no such thing as a white witch or a black witch because all the witches are just witches.

Let me explain this clearly.

Wicca or witchcraft, as it is commonly referred to as, is a religion that worships as well as respects Mother Nature because if it was not for her then it would not have been possible for the witches to carry out rituals and spells. You should be aware that it is Mother Nature who is responsible for the weather events that takes place all around the world, some events (like earthquakes) may kill people and some events (like snowing) causes the places to look beautiful. You can not say that she is evil or good because she is a combination of these two. It is because Mother Nature is highly unpredictable; people love as well as fear her.

It is believed that a person is a white witch if her deeds and actions do not end up hurting other people. In other words, a white witch is a good witch. On the other hand, the color black has always been related with the evil and as such, a black witch is considered to be someone who is evil. Now you need to understand that both black as well as white witch exist but if the witch undertakes magic or spells to hurt others then she will get back the same bad thing three times in excess. Thus, witches are very careful when it comes to casting spells on people that will cause harm. In fact, it is very rare that witches take actions to harm others. They will not do anything bad to people if these people have not done anything to harm the witches.

So how come there are some witches who claim that they are white or black witches?

Asking this question is like going to a Catholic church and asking the priest there whether he is a good priest or a bad one. You need to understand that a witch is a witch. No one can say whether a particular witch is a white witch or a black witch. Just like any ordinary person, even the witches make good as well as bad choices. It will be alright for a person to call herself a white witch if she has good days all through her life but we all know that life is unpredictable and it is not possible for a person to have good days all her life only.

WitchcraftWhether a witch is black or white is not important because what is more important is that fact that she is a good witch. A person is considered to be a good witch if she thinks several times before performing any spells or magic. She will have to make her list and make sure that her actions will not end up harming any person.