Meditation allows insight, concentration, and mindfulness, it also can draw positive Energy to a person to aid in their Spellwork. The Coven often receives the question about how to accurately Meditate. For some, it will come naturally while others will require time and dedication, MusteringToMeditate recently came to us seeking the same advice.

Dear 7witches,

I have read many of your articles on how to meditate but there's a problem. My mind wanders. I think about the grocery shopping, what I am going to eat for dinner, about what's going to happen on my TV show and obviously is my spell working while I sit here and “meditate”. How do you stop the thoughts from invading the supposedly calming quiet time? Is there something that I missed? Can everyone do this?


Anyone can learn to meditate, however, to master it you must teach your mind to focus and block out the background noise. To begin your journey, you can begin with three simple visualization techniques which in turn will train your brain to refocus and use your other senses to help calm your mind and visualize your needs and wants.

  1. Find a picture, it can be a portrait or a landscape image and take some time to analyze, memorize and review the details of it, big and small alike. When you feel ready, close your eyes and recreate the image in your mind: the colors, the objects even the texture of material the photo is printed on.

  1. You will need the assistance of someone that you trust completely to practice this next technique. Begin by having your partner blindfold you and offer you various things to taste, smell, hear, and touch. After experiencing each sense, record the experience, this will show you which senses are developed and which underdeveloped senses need work.

  1. Think about a feather. Imagine its texture and size. Now add the color white to it. Once you can see this white feather before your eyes, experiment with other colors and patterns. Do this until you can see yourself picking it up off the grass.

Once you can master the above techniques, start focusing on your goals. Find yourself a place where you can be alone and undisturbed, turn down the lights or light candles in the color of your goals, sit down comfortably, close your eyes and calm your mind for a while. The most frequently sought after goals are the following and along with them what to focus your mind on during your Meditation Ritual to aid in your Spellwork.

  • Love:

Music triggers many emotions which you can use to your advantage. Find a song that is significant to you and your twin flame or would like to one day enjoy with them. Imagine the ideal relationship that you know you desire and deserve.

  • Health:

Imagine overcoming your specific health condition. Think about healing images and experiment with different ones until you have found the one image that you feel a connection to, focus on this to harnesses its power.

  • Happiness:

Visualize a place of pure joy, it can be a place you wish to go, a place you have been or a location of your imagination. Being there should be complete bliss. Anything and anyone you love may be present. Imagine this place daily and spend time bathing in the positive energy it brings.

  • Success:

Imagine your dream life. Now set the intent of your Ritual with pure intentions and an open mind, which will allow your dreams to come flooding in. Think about each goal you have individually and the intent to reach and surpass them. Once you have succeeded how do you imagine celebrating your victories?

When you learn to visualize your goal and bring it to life, only then will you be well on your way to help bring it to fruition.